Gabriel Aubry Wants Expensive Home From Halle Berry, Huge Child Spending Allowance

Halle Berry’s soon-to-be ex-husband has asked the judge overseeing the couple’s custody battle to grant him $15,000-$20,000 per month so he can secure a proper home.

The couple have been going through a bitter custody battle since announcing their divorce, a battle that has become so extreme that child protective services has been forced to sit in on court proceedings regarding the couple’s three year old daughter Nahla.

Aside from his $20,000 per month housing expense Aubry has also asked that Halle Berry pay for him to take Nahla to Canada so they can visit his family and he has requested a “very large” sum of money to buy little Nahla new clothes each month.

The money issue hearing was scheduled for Monday but Halle Berry’s team was able to have the hearing moved to April 9 because the family law judge wants to see the outcome against Gabriel from a dependence judge.

If more of his custody rights are taken away it will likely affect the amount of money Gabriel Aubry is awarded.

In the meantime Halle Berry fired longtime lawyer Neal Hersh last week and replaced him with hard hitting Mel Gibson divorce lawyer Stephen Kolodny.

Do you think Halle Berry will ultimate get her way based on Gabriel Aubry’s alleged actions?