N.C. Suspect Arrested In Florida For College Shooting

Kenneth Stancil III, the suspect in the North Carolina college shooting that occurred Monday, was arrested today in Florida.

On Monday, Wayne Community College in North Carolina was placed on lockdown after a shooting took place in the Wayne Learning Center. One person was killed in the shooting. The person who was killed was Ron Lane. Lane was the operator of the print shop at the North Carolina college. Stancil was a work-study student who worked for Lane at the print shop.

It is not known what caused Stencil to allegedly shoot and kill Lane. Debbie Stancil, the mother of the suspect, comments on a potential reason. She claims that Lane “made inappropriate sexual advances toward him.” She also states that this upset her son. Officials at the school say that Kenneth Stancil III was dismissed from his work study job due to being absent too many times.

The North Carolina college was put on lockdown while police deployed all of their resources in order to capture the suspect. Officials of the school took to the school website in order to inform the students of the current situation.

“This is not a drill. The entire campus is under lockdown.”

The resources of the police were not enough. The suspect, Kenneth Stancil III, was not found anywhere on the Wayne Community College campus. A description of what the suspect was wearing was released. Eventually, police realized that the suspect was no longer on campus. They did believe that the suspect was still in the state. They were wrong.

Kenneth Stancil III was found Tuesday morning, 538 miles away, in Daytona Beach, Fla. The suspect was found and arrested at 1:30 a.m. He was illegally sleeping on the beach. The law enforcement force responsible for arresting the suspect was the Volusia County Beach Patrol. The gun used in the murder was not found with the suspect. The only weapon that Stencil was found with was a knife. The arrest appears to have taken place without incident. Kenneth Stancil III was up front with police, admitting who he was.

Stancil was taken to a Florida jail and is being held without bond while waiting for extradition back to North Carolina.

Back at Wayne Community College, the area of the shooting is the only part of the school that is closed today. It is still part of an active investigation. The area of the school that is closed off houses a lot of resources that students would use on a daily basis.

Now that the North Carolina suspect involved in the shooting has been arrested, life at Wayne Community College should get back to normal soon. As normal as could be expected that is.

[Image via Associated Press]