Anna Kendrick Starts The ‘Boss Pitch’ Trend By Refusing To Pose Sexily For ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Poster

Despite the fact Pitch Perfect 2 hasn’t released at the box office yet, it is sure making its presence felt, especially among its cast. The Inquisitr previously reported on such news like Anna Kendrick making her marketing media rounds for the movie with appearances on Lip Sync Battle and Glamour UK, in which she went braless to rock a nipple-jeweled dress for the latter. As for Pitch Perfect 2 itself, it seems the movie is not the last we’ll see of The Bellas, as Rebel Wilson confirms Pitch Perfect 3 is in the works.

However, there is one major form of promotion Pitch Perfect 2 is getting, and it is among the general population. Thanks to Anna Kendrick, her character’s pose in the Pitch Perfect 2 movie poster has started a new social media revolution simply known as the “Boss Pitch.”

According to Marie Claire, Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca Mitchell, was shown in the official movie poster for Pitch Perfect 2 with her arms crossed and an expression that surely said “mess with me and die.” Kendrick’s pose stands out in comparison to the the other “Bellas” because first, she is in the center of attention in the poster and second, the other girls generally incorporate sex appeal in their poses with the exception of a few characters (Cynthia-Rose Adams played by Ester Dean, Stacie Conrad played by Alexis Knapp, Lilly Onakuramara played by Hana Mae Lee).

It is also said that the pose has caused a social media revolution known as the “Boss Pitch.” Anna Kendrick herself has helped spread the revolution by sharing numerous photos of fans posing in front of the Pitch Perfect 2 poster at their local movie theaters in their very own “Boss Pitch” pose.

Boss Pitch 1

Boss Pitch 2

Boss Pitch 3

What is amazing about the revolution is that it only happened because Anna Kendrick defied what Universal Pictures wanted. According to Today, the studio was not on board with Kendrick’s decision not to pose in an alluring way just like most of the other girls in the poster. Even Kendrick recognized this when she wrote the following in one of her “Boss Pitch” shares on her official Instagram while recognizing her fans supporting her creative decision.

“This is crazy! They were sweating because I wouldn’t strike a sexy pose. Love that you guys embrace Beca the bada**!”

It should also be noted that Anna Kendrick said it was nearly impossible to keep up with the flood of posts of fans posing as a “Boss Pitch.” Along with what’s been shown above, other pictures include parents with their children, groups of friends, and individual men acting out the not “sexy” pose. Evidently, Kendrick knew what to do to stay true to her character.

Pitch Perfect 2 will be released at the box office on May 15, 2015. For those who haven’t seen the first movie, Pitch Perfect, it is available for pay-per-view on Amazon and Youtube.

[Featured Image via Pitch Perfect 2 Promotion, Post Images via Anna Kendrick’s Instagram]