Texas Miracle? Girl Falls 30 Feet Headfirst Inside Hollow Tree, Says She Met Jesus And Woke Up Cured From Lifelong Illness

A Texas girl, 9, fell 30 feet headfirst down the inside of a hollow tree – and sustained only minor scrapes and bruises. Annabel Beam said she “went to heaven” and sat in the lap of Jesus during the fall, which could have been life-threatening. Not only did little Annabel survive the fall, she was cured of a devastating life-long illness in the process.

Annabel Beam’s mother, Christy Wilson Beam, was amazed that her daughter, now 12, fell 30 feet headfirst through the tree and woke up in the hospital far more healthy than she was before the accident. For the first time in her young life, the Texas girl could eat solid food and no longer needed to take 10 medications on a daily basis.

Annabel Beam

The Texas girl had suffered from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. The physical condition is both rare and incurable. Annabel had reportedly been in and out of the hospital since 2008. Beam, and her family, firmly believe that her glimpse of Jesus during the headfirst fall is the reason why she has been cured.

Annabel told her parents that a “fairly-like” guardian angel appeared as she fell 30 feet inside the tree. The Texas girl said that the angel sat with her until she was rescued. The then 9-year-old girl hit her head three times on the fall inside the hollowed out cottonwood tree, according to MRI results shared by her parents.

The accident occurred in December 2011 when little Annabel was outside playing with her sisters Abigail, now 14, and Adelynn, now 10. Annabel slipped and fell inside the cottonwood tree and her sisters ran frantically to get help. Christy Wilson Beam had this to say recalling the moment when doctors showed her the MRI results: “With the facts in front of me now, I see it all with sickening clarity. Sometimes at night, it replays in my head – a dark twist on Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.”

First responders used a harness to lift Annabel out of the tree, and she was then air-lifted to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. The emergency responders “feared the worst” and called for the prepping of spinal injury and brain injury teams to be standing by at the hospital. To the shock of all the medical care staff involved, Annabel Beam has survived the fall with barely a scratch.

“I guess someone up there was looking out for her,” the Cook Children’s Hospital emergency room doctor told the Beam family. “The ER doc told us the one thing we weren’t expecting to hear. He said, ‘Other than a possibly concussion and some superficial bumps and bruises, she doesn’t appear to have been injured at all.’ Kevin [Beam, husband] and I exchanged a look of pure astonishment.”

“I went to heaven when I was in that tree. I sat in Jesus’ lap,” Annabel told her parents several days after falling headfirst down the tree. Christy Beam recalled what she was thinking when her daughter shared the startling revelation, “I saw in Anna’s eyes the conscious decision to confide in us. There was no drama, she wasn’t playing either. This wasn’t like one of her long, spun-out recaps of a funny dream or movie she’d seen. She’d been through enough real drama in her short life. She had no interest in melodrama.”

The Texas girl also described the gates of Heaven as being made of gold and said Jesus told her “it wasn’t her time.”

Annabel Beam also had something to say about surviving a the 30 foot headfirst fall inside the hollow tree.

“I started to wake up in the tree and I could hear the firemen voices. And I saw an angel that looked very small, like a fairy. And the God winked at me through the body of the angel and what He was saying to me was, ‘I’m going to leave you now and everything is going to be okay. And then the angel stayed with me the entire time, shining a light so I could see. We didn’t talk. We just sat together peacefully.”

The Texas girl also said she had seen her “mimi” a great grandmother who had died in 2010. When asked to describe what Jesus looked like, Annabel revealed, “He had a beautiful long white robe, dark skin and a big beard, kinda like Santa Claus, but not really.”

What do you think about the Texas girl falling headfirst down a tree and surviving while becoming symptom-free from an incurable illness? Was it a miracle?

[Images via: Family handouts taken by Christy Beam and Ryan Johnson]