Tori Spelling: Grafts, Surgery For Burns To Skin Not Slowing 'True Tori' Star

Bradley Ryder

The latest news on Tori Spelling's nasty burn, suffered on Easter Sunday, is painful (no pun intended). According to sources at Entertainment Tonight, the True Tori reality TV star needs skin grafts to repair damage from her hibachi grill trip and fall at a California Benihana restaurant, according to a Us Magazine report.

ET's sources revealed that Tori will be undergoing skin grafts this week. Spelling began the first of several procedures to treat and heal the burn wound to her arm. As a busy mom and businesswoman who stars in a reality television show, she has the task of juggling many tasks. Thankfully, her husband, children, and staff are supportive of Spelling as she receives skin graft surgery.

The actress, whose real name is Victoria Davey "Tori" Spelling, attended the popular Japanese chain in Encino over the holiday weekend with her family in tow. She and her husband, Dean McDermott, posed for snaps with their children outside the restaurant, and appeared to be a family geared up for enjoying a special outing. Little did they know, their festive occasion would result in a medical emergency of sorts and talk of grafting her skin later.

Witnesses say Tori Spelling and crew got up to leave the establishment after having a wonderful time. Suddenly, Tori lost her footing and fell onto a hot grill. Sources say she cried out loud in pain.

A photo of Spelling outside the establishment shows Tori inspecting the burn to her right arm before boarding their vehicle. At the time, having a skin graft was likely the furthest thing from her mind. In fact, instead of seeking medical attention at the time, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star went home and tried to dress the wound and self-treat. The next day, the burn worsened and she reported to her doctor, who had her hospitalized at a local burn unit.


At a glance, the image of Tori's wound on Instagram doesn't appear "serious," but apparently the damage done from the hot cooking surface drew enough concern for doctors to recommend grafts as a form of treatment.

Arguably, Spelling and Benihana have some other newsworthy history together. Back in 2013, the hibachi franchise was the setting that added fuel to the fire over Tori and Dean's possible breakup. It was the first time paps saw Spelling without her wedding ring after McDermott allegedly had an affair.

Today, it looks like they are mending fences. The pair is constantly snapped out and about with the kids. And Tori is reportedly supporting Dean ahead of his April 28 book release, "The Gourmet Dad: Easy and Delicious Meals the Whole Family Will Love."

Stay tuned for more on Tori Spelling's graft surgery.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]