John Coyne: Bar Owner Rapes Drunk Man On One Of His Sofas & Gets Nine Years Jail Time

John Coyne, in a twisted night of events, is being punished for the bar rape of a drunk man who passed out on one of his sofas at his establishment.

John had a position of trust and influence. Given that people were willing to become incapacitated around him showed that there was a certain level of integrity afforded him. Well, Coyne was arrested after being found breaking that trust and respect in an unethical way.

According to Daily Mail Online, John’s rape was caught on camera by CCTV. So, authorities gained access to those files and footages. While being presented such solid evidence, Coyne still proceeded to deny the allegations against him, claiming it wasn’t him on the tape.

Though the name of his victim has not been released, it’s reported that John, 56, took advantage of the 25-year-old man. The man was said to have passed out on one of Coyne’s sofas inside of the bar. Since the owner was raping him where he laid, it was definitely after hours, as is confirmed by the new source.

As reported by Daily Mail Online, the actual crime was committed around 3 a.m. on October 2014 at Prince of Wales pub Harrow Road, London. Once the victim woke up from his alcohol-induced unconsciousness, John was actually still in the act of raping him. At that moment, Coyne fled the scene. However, the rape victim called police authorities to let them know what had just happened.

Detective Constable Neil Hume told the news medium that John misused his trust.

“Coyne abused his position as a landlord of a pub to take advantage of an unconscious customer and showed no remorse. I would applaud the victim’s bravery attending court and hope that the sentence sends out a clear message.”

Another detective on the case, Neil Smithson, gave a few words about the incident as well.

“The Metropolitan Police are committed to prosecuting sexual offenders. Coyne preyed on an unconscious customer whilst in his own pub and I would encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim at the hands of Coyne to come forward.”

John Coyne was found guilty by a jury at the Blackfriars Crown Court on April 13, 2015. He’s been sentenced to nine years in prison.

As John was probably aware prior to the rape, London has an incredible city-wide surveillance system. So why still commit the act? Why commit it at all?

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[Photo Credits: Isaac Brekken | Getty Images]