Adam Lind’s Girlfriend Speaks: ‘People Don’t See What I See’ In ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad

Adam Lind’s new girlfriend, Danielle Anderson, has opened up about the Teen Mom 2 dad in a new interview, claiming he isn’t the bad guy he’s portrayed to be. On Teen Mom 2, fans are led to believe Adam Lind is a bit of a troublemaker (with his multiple DUIs and restraining orders filed against him), and often attempting to get out of his parental responsibilities, but Anderson claims Adam Lind wants to be a family man.

On April 14, Anderson told Radar Online, “People don’t see what I see. I see him as a person who is ready to settle down.”

According to Anderson, the mother of a 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, she met Adam Lind, the father of Chelsea Houska’s daughter, 5-year-old Aubree, in early 2014 after separating from her husband. At that time, the two started a friendship.

“I was going through a lot of marital problems, and I turned to Adam. Then he started opening up to me about what’s going on in his own life, which I could relate to. We just clicked.”

When they met, Adam Lind was in a relationship with Taylor Halbur, the mother of his youngest daughter, Paislee Mae. However, in late spring, the couple parted ways, and Adam Lind began dating a woman named Jessica Nicole who was seen briefly on Teen Mom 2. From there, Adam Lind dated Brooke Beaton, who recently filed for a restraining order against him (Nicole also filed for a restraining order, but later dropped her request).

Months later, Anderson’s friendship with Adam Lind turned romantic, and after months of dating on and off, they made their relationship official in late March. Oddly, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the couple were rumored to have called it quits at that time. According to Radar Online, Adam Lind was “hooking up” with a few women after their alleged split.

However, Anderson claims things got serious at that time, and she and Adam Lind are planning to move in together when her two children finish school in June.

“We are making sure we have a plan for everything. He wants that family life. That’s what I think he sees in me.”

While Adam Lind has made a few mistakes in recent months and was recently denied unsupervised visits with daughter Aubree, Anderson claims he’s made a positive change for his future.

“People make mistakes. He has changed a lot. He’s been sober for two years, he has a full time job and a certificate for personal training. He wants to build a business.”

“We want our kids to know what it’s like to have a family. His girls deserve a family life with their dad as well.”

Adam Lind will return to MTV in Teen Mom 2 Season 6 later this year.

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