Marco Rubio, Wife: Spotlight Will Take Some Getting Used To As Rubio’s Wife Is ‘Shy’

Marco Rubio and his wife are going to be in the spotlight over the next several months, as Rubio just announced that he is running for president. According to WebProNews, however, Rubio’s wife, Jeannette, is very shy and doesn’t like being front and center. Jeannette prefers to stay at home with her children and leave the politics up to her husband — literally. However, Mrs. Rubio knows that she is going to have to get out there more, because her presence is an important part of campaigning.

“If he’s out there, I feel like I have to be here for [my kids], to give them that reality. In the future, if I have to do it, of course I’ll do it, but in general, I am shy,” she said.

Marco Rubio and his wife will be in the spotlight a lot more now, as will their four children, Amanda, Daniella, Anthony, and Dominic. According to USA Today, as a Senator, Rubio has talked about being a father and how he has struggled with balancing work and his family. While his children aren’t going to have to make speeches, they will be making appearances with their dad from time to time, and will be an indirect focus, as is the case for most politicians.

Rubio may be in the early stages of his campaign, but he’s already going hard. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many feel that Rubio will edge out democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton because of his Hispanic heritage. Rubio has commented on his heritage, which he says speaks for itself.

“I don’t need to embellish my narrative. My narrative is very simple — I am the son of exiles and of immigrants, and that has framed my political thought,” he said. His “narrative” isn’t the only thing that Rubio has going for him, either. He’s the youngest candidate so far, and at age 43, he may influence a younger group of voters.

Marco Rubio’s wife not liking the spotlight could also be a positive for him, as it shows that she’s a mother first, and that she can support her husband while still being a homemaker, which sometimes gets lost in the world of politics. Chances are that she’s going to come around when she needs to, and people will probably like her more. What are your thoughts on Rubio’s wife’s position? Do you think she will help or hurt his campaign in any way?

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]