Little Girl Reacts To Mufasa Death Scene In ‘The Lion King’ Is Priceless, Touching Moment Goes Viral [Video]

One little girl named Viktoria was heartbroken when she witnessed what happened to Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King. Of course, that particular scene is rather disheartening for anyone who has seen the classic movie. But, this little girl’s reaction was so priceless that her father decided to film it and share it with the world. Now, the touching video has gone viral!

The one-minute video shows the little girl, presumably 2- or 3-years-old, sitting on the couch watching the movie as her father films with a cell phone. As the fatal scene approaches, her facial expression changes as she laments the death of Mufasa who was killed by Scar.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, Mufasa was thrown off a cliff by Scar, who happens to be his own brother. He fell into a cackle of hyenas where he was stampeded to death. His son, Simba, who was only a child at the time, witnessed his father’s death. The moving scene captured the little girl’s attention and broke her heart. As she begins to cry, her father asks if she wants a hug. She only shakes her head as she gets up from the couch to walk over to him. By the time she makes it to her father, she’s on the verge of tears.


According to the Daily Mail, the little girl’s father, who goes by “Barles Charkley” shared the video via Facebook on Saturday, April 11. It definitely didn’t take long for the adorable little girl to capture many hearts. The video has gone viral with more than five million views and over 200,000 shares,as it continues to make its way around Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and other social sharing networks.

[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Captures]