Madonna Kisses Drake: Haters Rattle Madge’s Cage As The Freak Show Gets Freakier

After being baited like a belligerent badger about her gratuitous violation of Drake, 28, Madonna, 56, has taken to Instagram and snarled like a wounded cougar that, “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do… B**** you’re a fan.”

Not really Madge, we just enjoy you making a complete idiot of yourself in the name of entertainment.

There’s nothing like a spectacle to bring out the baying mob in people, and mutton dressed as lamb, prancing foolishly about on stage in egotistical defiance of the ravages of time is a rare and hysterically humorous spectacle indeed.

Now, despite those materialistic cretins who brand all criticism of Madonna as ageism, it’s really not. Mockery of Madonna has become such a popular pastime, because in a shallow culture obsessed with surfaces and drunk on youth, she has become that much loathed and much derided universal figure – an embarrassing old person who still believes they’re a teenager.

Accepting the reality of age and having some dignity about it used to be an integral part of being human. For “our lady of the sorrows” the aging process is becoming very painful indeed.

It’s perhaps the nature and speed of her ongoing decline which has most upset Madonna fans and delighted those vicious tarts who prey on the myriad inadequacies of the obscenely rich and famous.

Yet even by her own notoriously low standards, Madonna hit a new low at Coachella. When the scaly and battled hardened old dragon moved in like an ancient hyena and attacked poor Drake with an out of the blue three second kiss. It’s wasn’t just young Drake who was beside himself with an intense fear and loathing; hordes of social media users felt Drake’s pain and terror at being assaulted by someone who is old enough to be his great aunt.

Just imagine if Sir Paul McCartney has done this to Miley Cyrus we wondered. They’d be uproar!

Twitter user JamesJamesBrown suggested, “‘Drake looks like a little six year old kid who’s been forcibly kissed by his auntie with a moustache.”

In a scenario which left most in no doubt who was the beauty and who was the beast, many empathized with Drake, and some even speculated that he’d been a little bit sick in his mouth after Madonna’s ferocious French kiss.

Another Twitter user added, “If a man did to a woman, what Madonna done to Drake, it will be a bit rapey still.”

Madonna’s latest play for headlines not only rendered the hapless Drake as little more than an unthinking and unfeeling prop to make Madonna look good, it backfired in a big way and cast Madonna in the leading role of a tragic film about a desperate vampire sucking the life energy and youth from her victims in a desperate bid to hang onto a career that she is spectacularly self-sabotaging.

Madonna knows deep down that no amount of time will erase that initial look of disgust from Drake immediately after she violated him, and that is why the old boiler is seething with rage and erupting all over social media with a self-righteous fury.

The former queen of pop has become a walking PR disaster, but most entertaining of all, the Madonna freak show is destined to become a lot more freakier before the curtains finally fall.