Liam Payne Now Writing Post-Zayn 1D Songs: Guess Next Album Title

If you have been looking forward to the followup album to Four, Liam Payne has good news for you. Revealed on his Twitter account on April 13, Liam Payne states, “Huge day of writing so excited the team never stop!”

Liam Payne’s second tweet was, 1st day writing the album it’s gunna be a great day!

This is exciting for fans that have recently noticed that Liam Payne and the rest of One Direction have been looking rather sad since Zayn Malik left the band.

However, we should not be surprised that One Direction is already working on the new album with Liam Payne at the helm. In November, One Direction released Four — and according to sources like Digital Spy, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne write most of One Direction’s songs.

Does it benefit Liam Payne to do most of the songwriting? As it appears, Digital Spy says Liam Payne gets an extra 9-percent revenue per song for every One Direction song he writes.

Liam Payne is so talented that he is also well-known for writing music with other people. For example, Liam Payne was name dropped by Juicy J in January when he posted a picture of the two of them. About Liam Payne, MTV quotes Juicy J saying, “We working!”

A couple of weeks later, SugarScape reported in early February that Liam Payne and Juicy J had officially worked on seven songs together. Will Liam Payne bring any of that work with Juicy J (or passion for lyric-writing) to the next One Direction album?

Also in January, Meghan Trainor dropped information to Capital FM Radio that other One Direction songwriting talent might accompany Liam Payne’s strong music presence. Meghan Trainor states, “I love Harry Styles, I had the best time with him…. We kicked out the engineer and just had our time together and wrote this amazing song… [sic]”

Obviously, January was very busy for Liam Payne and One Direction — and the collaborating continues to snowball from there.

VH1 reported in February that Fifth Harmony “couldn’t believe Liam Payne of One Direction gave them a shout out on Twitter and they hope to work with the band in the future.”

Is there potential for collaborations on the next album between Liam Payne and at least one member of Fifth Harmony? This may be one of the surprises that Liam Payne and One Direction have in store for post-Zayn 1D fans.

Collaborating on vocals is one thing, but will Liam Payne have any help writing the next One Direction album? In mid-March, right before Zayn Malik left One Direction, the Daily Star U.K. reported that Ryan Jarman of The Cribs said the following.

“One Direction are big Cribs fans and we got asked to do a writing session with them in Los Angeles. We would’ve done it with One Direction but we couldn’t make it work on the schedule. We were doing something else and they were on tour on the West Coast. There were still intentions to do it and I’d like to do it one day. [sic]”

Who else can we expect on the next album besides One Direction? One thing that we definitely know we can expect from the next album is that Led Zeppelin will not be joining Liam and One Direction any time soon. In March, Jimmy Page (the 71-year-old lead guitarist for 70s Brit rock band, Led Zeppelin), said to Yahoo Australia that One Direction was “not his cup of tea. [sic]”

Jimmy Page goes on to say a collaboration with Liam Payne is unlikely because, “[One Direction’s music is] sort of more manufactured…. I’d prefer the sort of thing you’d go and see live with musicians playing live, that’s where I come from, that’s the sort of thing that made me want to play in the first place. [sic]”

One Direction fans that know Liam Payne is a driving force behind most of the lyrics also have a few messages about the next album. Mainly, when the hashtag #Guess1DFifthAlbumTitle appeared after Liam Payne’s album-writing announcement, fans like @GrisaFima stated things like “I don’t have any idea for @onedirection’s new album. but I will always love it… [sic]”

As if guessing the album title was not fun enough, there are also tweets that allege they are Liam Payne’s song writing list. To say the least, many of those song titles are some of the best One Direction jokes on earth. For example, “Tumbling Caddie,” “Harry Leaked His Own Nude,” and “Normal 22-Year-Old.”

For the record, this author thinks the fifth One Direction album should be called Four of Five.


— janina (@preachiniall) April 14, 2015

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