Marvel Studios President Reveals The Identity Of “Mysterious Lady In The Cave” In Avengers Movie Trailer

A still from Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, released back in January, had a short glimpse of a lady. After months of anxiety-filled speculations, Marvel Studios’ President has been kind enough to lift the vile of mystery about the character that has been dubbed as “That Mysterious Lady In The Cave”.

If you are a die-hard Marvel movies and characters fan, chances are high you have spent countless hours speculating about a fleeting glimpse of a lady with her back towards the camera, her muscular stature blending beautifully against the inner scape of a cave with a lake upon which thinly veiled sunrays are sparkling. After seeing the mystery lady, fans couldn’t stop themselves from hoping that she is a character Marvel is keeping under wraps. Many were hopeful that Marvel Studios would reveal more details about the lady.

Who Is This Mystery Lady?

Not to bash the enthusiasm of fans, but those who hoped the lady would be a “mystery character” are in for a huge disappointment, reported CinemaBlend. Apparently, the mysterious lady doesn’t even feature in the movie. When Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked about the identity of the character and whether or not she was a significant character who just wound up on the cutting room floor, his explanation was quite baffling,

“That was just the imagery. That was just interesting imagery as part of a dream sequence… It was part of when Thor was looking around at the oddity and the strangeness happening and it was just an image marketing grabbed.”

In simpler words, the mystery lady is just a small part of Thor’s vivid imagination. She is just a background figure in a sequence where Thor does a bit of hallucinating. Feige explained.

It is quite shocking to believe that the mystery lady who is prominently featured in the trailer has no part to play in the movie. Fans that routinely analyse every single frame of every trailer, are undoubtedly miffed about the rather “misuse” of the imagery that isn’t of any significance to the central plot of the film, yet is strategically placed within the promotions to strongly imply otherwise.

Was Marvel Studio’s intentionally messing with the fans to boost the mystery factor? Not according to Feige,

“Sometimes, not in that case. In that case it was just an arresting image which seemed interesting and when marketing presented it to us, we said, ‘Oh yeah, cool! This is great! Amazing, great work.’ And then it started to go out and I thought, ‘People are going to read into all this stuff.'”

Bonus: Marvel Studios released a third trailer last week offering a few more glimpses:

[Image Credit | Marvel Studios]