Zayn Malik Not Forgotten In New One Direction Pics? Celebs Show Support

It appears that Zayn Malik quitting One Direction is absolutely official, and this message comes to fans in the form of new post-Zayn 1D photos posted on April 13. While it appears that this new photo has left everyone emotional, three celebrities are showing their support on the day that One Direction’s management company posted the Zayn-free new picture.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction art sans Zayn Malik was bound to happen eventually. The main question was whether they would wait until they found someone to replace Zayn Malik — or update their merchandise as a four-piece.

It looks like our answer has arrived as One Direction has official updated their band photo — without Zayn Malik.

Websites covering the new band photo of One Direction say that the guys look like they miss Zayn Malik — and point out that the last interview that the band did without Zayn talked about how One Direction was having a hard time emotionally.

The posted Zayn Malik-free photo on the Modest Management website certain does leave one wondering about the “energy” exuded by the remaining members of One Direction. Its as if all of them are thinking about how much they miss Zayn Malik — and therefore can barely muster a smile.

Entertainment Tonight adds to this saying that One Direction’s expressions looked “sour.” Billboard Magazine‘s review of the new post-Zayn Malik 1D photo states the following.

“They all look like they’ve spent the last hour listening to 1D ballads like ‘You & I,’ and now just have a lot of feelings they don’t know what to do with. Stars! They’re just like us. [sic]”

Digital Spy points out that the new biography about One Direction has all parts about Zayn Malik removed.

However, celebrities are quick to show that they support Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction. In an interview published on Huffington Post Celebrity on April 13, Fifth Harmony name drops Zayne Malik — and supports his decision to leave One Direction.

Fifth Harmony’s Camilla Cabello admitted that, “Malik’s exit had struck a melancholy chord for her” and went on to say, “I think One Direction is such an important part of some people’s lives, and I think that it was just a dream for a lot of people…. But at the same time, happiness and health [are] the most important thing[s], and at the end of the day, he’s a person and he’s a human being and he needs to take care of himself.”

Joe Jonas also has something to say about Zayn Malik on the same day that the post-1D photo was released. Hollywood Life reports, “Joe’s brother Nick recently admitted he understood why the ‘pressure’ of fame made Zayn quit the chart-topping band.”

They quote Joe Jonas saying the following about Zayn Malik’s choice to quit One Direction stating, “Look, I went through it myself… You know it is not easy. They are under so much scrutiny in their spotlight. And to live a normal free life is difficult…To find normalcy in the craziness is the most important.”

Gary Barlow, an early 1990s British pop icon from the boy band, Take That, also had a few supportive things to say about Zayn Malik. Namely, Barlow tells the Mirror U.K. that, “It’s easier for the band to cope with but harder for him going off on his own. I don’t know what his ­character is but being in a group like that is a big high. However, he seems to have good people around him and family, so I am sure he will be fine.”

About which direction One Direction could take in the future, Gary Barlow says that Zayn Malik could be just the tip of the iceberg and states, “We have been a five-piece, then we were down to four and now there are just the three of us… but our fans have been there for us the whole time. I imagine their fans are very similar.”

Since the official photo of One Direction without Zayn Malik has emerged, Zayn has been relatively quiet on social media. Despite this, J14 Magazine says Zayn Malik will have post-1D photo opportunities of his own when he shows up for the British Asian Awards on April 17.

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