Ryan Reynolds Struck By Car, Police Recommend Pressing Charges After Paparazzo Arrested

Police are now advising charges be pressed after actor Ryan Reynolds was struck by a car on Friday.

As recently reported by The Inquistr, Reynolds was struck by the car while he was in the parking garage of the Vancouver hotel, the Shangri-La. It has been reported the actor was not seriously injured after Reynolds was struck by the car. According to a statement issued by the Vancouver police, he suffered a sore knee and back but was able to return to work the following day.

Constable Brian Montague has allegedly recommended a charge of intimidation be laid against a photographer who was arrested on Sunday night after police viewed hotel video security footage of Reynolds being struck by a car. The person was later released from custody on Monday pending a promise to appear on April 28 2015. According the The Globe and Mail, the person’s car was also seized.

While no names were mentioned in the statement Constable Montague made, it is assumed he was referring to the incident he earlier mentioned naming Reynolds as being the person struck by a car. And after photographer, Rik Fedyck, 52, of Richmond, made the following statement to The Province, it is likely he was the one detained by police on Sunday:

The story that’s out there is 100-per-cent false. Reynolds’ publicist put out an incorrect story. All I’m going to say is Ryan Reynolds was not hit by a car.

While Fedyck also stated he couldn’t talk about the incident, he did indicate that the charges originally suggested – one of hit-and-run, then three counts of intimidation – had been downgraded to one count each of intimidation and mischief, thus proving – in his eyes – that the police did not have enough evidence to prove he committed a criminal act, or, if indeed Ryan Reynolds was even struck by a car. Intimidation is a charge rarely issued but, according to the criminal code of of Canada, is used in instances where individuals “beset or watch the place where that person resides, works, carries on business or happens to be.”

However, this is not the first time photographer Rik Fedyck has had a run in with police over celebrities. Before Reynolds was allegedly stuck by a car, Fedyck has been reported as being involved in incidents with celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Denise Richards.

Ryan Reynolds has been in Vancouver for several weeks filming his latest movie, Deadpool.

[Image credit: Getty Images/Chelsea Lauren]