80-Year-Old Man Goes To Prom For First Time

Most people go to their junior or senior prom when they are 16 or 17-year-old high school students. According to the Daily Mail, an 80-year-old grandfather got to go to the prom for the first time last weekend. Joy Webb, a 17-year-old student from Albertville, Alabama, invited her grandfather to be her date for her junior prom. She was proud to be escorted by him because he never got the chance to go to his own prom.

When James Drain was 17, he dropped out of high school after completing the eighth grade to enlist into the Navy in 1951. He was shipped off to serve in the Korean War.

Instead of going to the last dance of the school year with someone her own age, Joy said she wanted to do something special for her “Poppa” because he has been there for her since she was a baby. She decided that inviting him to her prom was the best thing she could do for him to express her love for him.

“My family is everything to me, and I love him so much, and it’s just like really special to me because I know not many people get to do that. And I know he loves me and I love him, and it’s just really neat and special.”

For most teens, the prom is the formal dance they look forward to attending all year. It is the dance where the popular kids ask the other popular kids to attend. For Joy, she invited the most special person she knew. She wanted her grandfather to have the experience of attending a prom.

Because of Drain’s age, Joy had to get special permission from the principal, who made an exception to the age limit of 21-years. About a month before the prom, the principal agreed. That’s when Joy invited her grandfather, and he was delighted to escort her to the prom. He said it was a sweet proposal.

WTAE News reported that on prom night, Drain was dressed in a tuxedo for the first time in his life. Joy was wearing a blue prom dress. She pinned a boutonniere on her grandfather’s lapel, and he put a corsage around her wrist that matched her dress. They took pictures in front of the house as other prom couples do. Then they went to a restaurant for a prom dinner. Her grandfather told her he had a special surprise waiting for his “Princess” outside. It was a horse-driven carriage that took them for a ride around town before dropping them off at the school for the dance.

Joy said, “We were the first ones on the dance floor because my Poppa loves to dance.”

[Image via Fox News]