‘GTA V’ Out Now On PC, First Video From Rockstar Editor Inspired By ‘Forrest Gump’

Grand Theft Auto V finally became available for PC players on Monday via Steam, only one year and seven months after the game’s initial release to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Rockstar Games celebrated the launch of their megahit open-world game by showcasing one of the unique features to the PC version of GTA V: the Rockstar Editor, which lets users create their own in-game videos.

Those that purchase GTA V for the PC can expect a 65 GB download download and a decently long wait for that download to unpack and install the game. Hopefully, that won’t eat up any data caps.

Meanwhile, it is recommended that you download the latest video card drivers from AMD and Nvidia. Both graphics cards manufacturers optimized their drivers just for this release. Fortunately, GTA V’s PC requirements are not particularly steep, but you’ll need a high-end system if you desire 60 frames per second at high resolutions.

If you haven’t purchased GTA V yet, check out GreenManGaming where you can get a Steam code for $46.79 through April 14. Afterwards, you can use code “SAVE20-APRILD-EALSON” to get 20 percent off through April 17 on it and other titles.

Rockstar Games commissioned YouTube gaming channel 8-Bit Bastard to create the very first video from the GTA V Rockstar Editor. What they came up with was a short that puts Trevor in Forrest Gump’s running shoes.

“We were honored to be commissioned by Rockstar Games to make this kickass video, made entirely using the new in-game editor,” Machinima wrote. “A lot of you guys have said you’re looking forward to seeing what we do with the GTA V PC editor, so hopefully you enjoy our first video!”

The site continued, “Trevor has never looked sexier than he does in slow motion on PC,” 8-Bit Bastard added. “On that we can all agree. You can almost smell those sweaty running shorts.”

GTA V - Running, Man
Run, Trevor, Run.

The “Running, Man” video follows Trevor as he runs from one edge of the GTA V map in the mountains all the way to other on the coast just as Tom Hanks’ character ran from one side of the United State to the other. Along the way, the video demonstrates many of the features of the Rockstar Editor, such as special camera modes, filters, and depth of field. Players can also use a Director Mode to “stage creative moviemaking sequences from a cast of characters ranging from familiar faces from Story Mode, to pedestrians and even animals,” according to Rockstar.

[Images via Rockstar Games, 8-Bit Bastard]