Hillary Clinton’s Logo Controversy: Comparisons To 9/11 Planes Crashing Into Buildings, Theft And More

No sooner did Hillary Clinton announce that she was running for president on Sunday did the backlash and buzz begin. As reported by the Inquisitr, folks soon began tweeting their reasons why they didn’t plan to vote for Clinton, and on Monday, about their surprise that no one recognized Hillary at Chipotle. Those controversies were joined by the response to the former Secretary’s new campaign logo, which some are criticizing for appearing either too rudimentary for a presidential campaign logo, too similar to other logos, or too reminiscent of the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001.

Someone said H Clinton’s new logo looks like a plane crashing through the twin towers. I can’t NOT see that now. pic.twitter.com/21jmUwAzua

— Jeremy Cowart (@jeremycowart) April 13, 2015

According to Business Insider, logo designers had mixed reactions to the capital blue letter “H” with a bold red arrow pointing to the right as the signage for Hillary’s campaign. Some called it an unexpected and bold choice, while others found it amateurish and confusing, wondering why a Democratic presidential candidate would choose a Republican red arrow pointing towards the right side.

Of course, turning to Twitter to get reactions from everyday folks along with news reports is where users get the most bang for their focus-group buck. Certain users felt that once the Clinton logo was compared to a plane crashing into a building, that’s all they thought of when seeing the new logo. Others accused Hillary’s logo designers of ripping off the Federal Express logo, which has a white arrow pointing to the right betwixt the letters “e” and “x” — however, the FedEx logo creator, Lindon Leader, told Business Insider that he didn’t believe Clinton’s logo creators ripped him off. He wasn’t complimentary of the new logo, as many folks weren’t — who turned to social media to voice their opinions on the topic.

Clinton’s new logo is causing a lot of emotional reactions, reports CNNMoney‎ — with folks calling it everything from a hospital sign to a message that hints Hillary is moving towards the right. Either way, perhaps it’s doing exactly what a logo is supposed to do: become memorable, immediately associated with its subject, and gain plenty of attention.

[Image via Hillary Clinton Facebook]