Hillary Clinton At Chipotle: Here’s What She Ordered, And Why No One Knew It Was Clinton

The fact that Hillary Clinton officially announced her run for president on Sunday — the same day that the #WhyImNotVotingForHillary hashtag went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr — should have made her easy to spot, especially at an eatery like Chipotle. Alas, Clinton was able to visit an Ohio-area Chipotle and go unrecognized.

Apparently traveling west toward Iowa, as Hillary stated she would visit on Twitter, Clinton was spotted on Sunday evening in Pennsylvania, then the former Secretary continued on her 1,000-mile trip, passing through Maumee, Ohio, where she stopped on Monday afternoon for a bite to eat at Chipotle.

The visit to Chipotle wasn’t planned, and the Chipotle eatery’s manager in Ohio said no one pegged Hillary as the potential next Commander-in-Chief, reports ABC News‎ — instead, Chipotle Manager Charles Wright said that no one spotted Clinton. Perhaps it was because Hillary was hiding behind sunglasses that she was able to order her Chipotle chicken bowl — plus guacamole, a chicken salad, and fruit juice — without much fanfare.

Indeed, the photo of Clinton at Chipotle circulating across the web and social media appears to be one pulled from a surveillance camera from above, not from a smartphone or straight-on footage. Wright told ABC News why he believes Hillary chose Chipotle as a food source.

“She got great food. Everybody loves Chipotle.”

It’s no doubt Clinton’s choice of lunch locations that caused Chipotle to be one of the trending Twitter trends as of this writing, with various folks weighing in with their viewpoints about the restaurant. The fact that no one recognized Hillary is what’s most astounding to folks reading about the occurrence, along with the security screenshot photo.

The manager of the now-famous Chipotle wasn’t aware Hillary had stopped at his shop, as reported by a tweet embedded on NBC News, until New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman called and told him.

[Image via Chipotle security footage]