Mariah Carey Accused Of Massive Photoshop On New Album Cover

Mariah Carey excited fans today by announcing a new greatest hits package called #1 to Infinity. It will include all her alleged No. 1 hits plus some new songs. A new single called “Infinity” will be released on April 27. Whether people are invoking sexism or not, the biggest news from Carey’s new album release is that people think the cover is completely fake. In Touch Weekly describes the details.

“While checking out the ‘#1 to Infinity’ artwork, we found ourselves asking: Why is Mariah putting some random lady on her album cover? Which was inevitably followed by: Oh, wait, we’re actually supposed to believe THAT is Mariah?! Don’t get us wrong, we think Mariah looks fantastic (IRL). She just doesn’t look like that! She’s a mom-of-two who used to embrace her curves… So, what happened?!”

Twitter had plenty to say as well.


Comments on websites that discussed Mariah’s new album were somewhat vicious, especially on Us Magazine.

“Why, oh why does she insist on this type of image. Time to grow old (not that she is even close to old) gracefully. Shes a bit of a joke. Trust your talent and cover your b@@bs,” said a user named Laughing.

“All of her album covers are the same. Just different trashy clothes and extra Photoshop,” said user shoes4life.

Mariah Carey has been known to Photoshop her album covers in a way where she looks more like a painting. She may have used the Clone tool to make her legs and arms thinner. It’s possible she used either used the Clone tool or the Blur tool to take off her wrinkles. Then there is the “Glow” effect to add a glow all over her body, especially by her breasts. It’s doubtful that the glow on her skin is due to natural lighting.

However, it’s important to point out that Mariah Carey wouldn’t be the first of last artist to use Photoshop on her albums. However, it’s quite possible that Mariah could be extra sensitive since she is so used to being shamed for her body. Recently, Radar Online ran a title that screamed, “Mariah Carey Weight Gain — Singer Gorging On Pizza, Ice Cream After Divorce.” They quoted a so-called insider who talked to In Touch Weekly about Mariah Carey’s hard times.

“When Mariah’s going through a difficult time, you can usually find her at a restaurant or in the kitchen. It’s nothing new. All of her weight fluctuations over the years correlate with breakups.”

Let’s hope that music listeners can get beyond the album cover and enjoy the music. Do you think the Photoshop job done on Mariah Carey’s new album is really a big deal? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Epic Records]