Wiz Khalifa: Is Amber Rose Or Dog ‘Trap King’ The True Apple Of His Eye?

Wiz Khalifa sure has been taking a lot of pictures of a brown dog lately — and it makes you wonder if there is a story there. On the other end of Wiz Khalifa’s universe, Amber Rose has been plenty vocal over the weekend — whether it is talking about the state of her relationship with Wiz Khalifa or her state of affairs at Coachella 2015.

In addition to video footage and interviews of her from the event, Amber Rose has been heavily archiving her life outside of Wiz Khalifa on Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram, Amber Rose does not have a lot to say about Wiz Khalifa — and maybe it’s because she is distracted by other people. For instance, Amber Rose tagged Quincy, saying that he was her “baby” and referred to Michelle Trachtenberg and Matt McGorry as her “Coachella Baes.”

Perhaps she was pretending she was kissing Wiz Khalifa — but the make-out session with Amy Schumer at the MTV Music Awards on April 12 had Amber Rose tweeting that maybe she was “half-lesbian” after that kiss.

Is any of what she has been putting out in the media over Coachella weekend about Wiz Khalifa? The main juicy tidbit for people following Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa getting back together is in an interview by Entertainment Tonight.

When asked if she and Wiz Khalifa would be getting back together, Amber Rose states, “I don’t know. I think we’re just working on our friendship right now.”

Of course, the main question is whether Wiz Khalifa returns any of her feelings. It has been insinuated by the Inquisitr that this could be the case — but nothing is direct.

In particular, it can be difficult to discern who Wiz Khalifa is directing a lot of his social media at — and for all we know, it could be this little brown dog he is always posting photos of. Whether we know who his intended audience is or not, if you follow Wiz Khalifa’s social media, you will see there was a story being told while Amber Rose was at Coachella.

On April 9, Wiz Khalifa tweeted, “Sometimes you get curved. It’s ok baby girl. Don’t cry.”

On Instagram, Wiz Khalifa posted pics showing him hanging out with Snoop Dogg — most likely at his April 10 club show at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood.

On April 13, Wiz Khalifa tweets, “Don’t get mad when you ask me some simple shit and I curve your silly a**.”

Following that, Wiz Khalifa posts on Instagram on April 13, “Only thing missin is u” and is shown sitting in a chair texting — without his dog on his lap. Later that same day, Wiz Khalifa shows himself among a group of people with the caption, “Somebody’s finna get cussed out.”

A few hours later, Wiz Khalifa posts yet another Instagram photo of himself alone and states in the caption, “Why am I so d*** daddy?”

Truthfully, it seems like the only object of Wiz Khalifa’s affections these days is a little brown dog that he keeps tweeting about. Otherwise, we are still waiting to hear if Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose will be just friends, friends with benefits, reunited in matrimonial bliss — or any of the combinations therein.

What is on the horizon in the lives of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose — independent of each other? So far, it appears that Amber Rose will be in London on April 26. Wiz Khalifa will make his next official appearance when he starts touring on June 10 in Camden, New Jersey.

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