Ellie Goulding, Host of Other Celebs Defend X-Factor Contestant [Video]

Kevin Carneglia

Ellie Goulding now has a new role as protector of the humiliated. Goulding is coming to the aid of X-Factor New Zealand contestant Joe Irvine after Irvine was verbally annihilated by British singer Natalia Kills, ET Online reports. Goulding, along with a host of other musicians, took to Twitter and other forms of social media in a huge uproar over the X-Factor's judges and their rant against Irvine. See Kills' and Moons' attack below.


ET Online quoted Natalia Kills as calling Mr. Irvine a laughingstock, blaming him for having ripped off her husband's fashion choices to the point where he was essentially a clone.

Several other celebrities, including Ed Sheeran and Lorde, jumped in on the battle, ET reported, adding that Mr. Irvine tweeted at Lorde to thank her for cupcakes she sent him as a way to encourage his art.

— joe irvine (@jooe63_joe) March 16, 2015

Ellie Goulding was only slightly less harsh, expressing her feelings over the scandal on Twitter by saying that "You have to be... vaguely relevant to get your style stolen," ET Online mentioned (the tweet was later deleted). Ouch! Remind us not to say anything negative about Ellie's work on social media.

With her hit song "Love Me Like You Do" receiving almost constant radio play and being featured in the insanely popular movie Fifty Shades Of Grey, it's fair to say Ellie has earned the right to throw shade at her lessers. Goulding recently joined reality show The Voice as a vocal mentor for "Team Adam," headed by Maroon 5's Adam Levine, and is currently on tour in Denmark, Finland, and parts of the U.K. Ellie teamed up with fellow dance/electronica artist Calvin Harris to create the song "Outside," which Apple noted was a Top Ten hit in the U.K. and will be featured in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Divergent.

So far, there's been no apologies or even a response from either Willy or Natalia, both of whom were fired from The X-Factor after fans and celebrities alike were outraged at their faux pás. In today's world, where social media is typically used for more harm than good, it's refreshing to see so many folks -- celebrities especially-come to the defense of Irvine's originality and stick up for him. Whether you agree that dismissing Natalia and Willy Moon was the right move or perhaps a bit too extreme, only time will tell if the show will benefit from such a measure.

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