Madonna Snogs Drake: He Looks Like He Was Sexually Assaulted By A Grandma

Madonna the self styled queen of pop planted a massive kiss on Drake during the rappers headlining set at Coachella last night. Those of us with long memories will recall that Madonna has previous experience for this sort of behavior, so perhaps Drake should have been better prepared for what lay in store. As it was, poor Drake looked both surprised and horrified at Madonna’s behavior.

According to the Mirror, pictures and video emerged showing 28-year-old Drake looking shellshocked and horrified after 56-year-old Madonna locked lips with him. Drake can even be seen wiping his mouth as Madonna walked away. Drake looked like he was about to throw up, while Madonna carried on strutting her stuff as if nothing had happened.

The Independent reports that Drake sat on a chair onstage when Madonna, dressed in a black basque emblazoned with the slogan “Big as Madonna” and above the knee black boots, tilts his head back and plants a prolonged smacker on his lips. Madonna rubbed her hands over Drakes chest and announced “Bi**h, I’m Madonna,” the title of one of her new songs.

It is hardly the first time that Madonna has pulled a headline grabbing stunt like this. Madonna is famous for using her sexuality to promote her career but as the Telegraph reports, it was Drake’s reaction that made sure that the video and photographs of the clinch went viral.


Whilse Drake looked like he was about to throw up, social media went crazy. One fan accused Madonna of being like the drunk at the office party who scars the interns with her behavior.


The social media reaction was overwhelmingly negative with many stating that Madonna needs to grow up and get over this kind of attention-seeking behavior. TV personality Piers Morgan summed up the feelings of many with his tweet which simply said “50 Shades of Granny.”


It has not been a good few weeks for Madonna. Firstly, BBC radio refused to play her new music, claiming that she was no longer relevant. Madonna then fell over while performing at the Brit Awards, and then her stand-up routine on the Jimmy Fallon show was widely slammed as awful. To top it all, it emerged over the weekend that nude photos of Madonna taken in 1979 will appear in next month’s Playboy.

It appears that many think that Madonna is way past the age where she can get away with snogging a man like Drake who is less than half her age.

For her part, Madonna was completely unapologetic and posted a message on twitter with a very direct message for the haters.

“If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. B***h, You’re a fan.”

[image via Twitter]