#Nochella: Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayley Williams Opt Out Of Coachella

Coachella kicked off in Indio, Calif. on Friday, April 10. For Demi Lovato, it was just another day at the gym. She used the hashtag #Nochella on her Instagram posts. Some fans thought that Demi was just jealous of the celebrities who attended the popular music festival this weekend. That’s not true since Demi is obviously about inspiring others and becoming a beacon of good health.

Lovato shared a collage of photos she took at the gym. She then wrote about her fitness regimen on Instagram.


“For the past 8 months this man has helped me beat my hardest critic: myself. The first day he gave me my meals, that him and his wife cook themselves, he looked me in the eyes and said ‘We are going to kick this eating disorder’s a**!!!’ He was as determined as I was and has been a huge part of my recovery ever since. I’ve never been happier and healthier and I credit so much of that to this man and his beautiful wife. Thank you Ronny & Elise Comacho for staying up so late to cook my meals and getting up so early to help transform my body but most importantly my mind. You both have truly changed my life. Now everyone.. go checkout his website!!! www.uevolve.fitness!! (P.S. Every circle on the notebook is a new personal record… Yay!!!)#AustraliaHereICome #AsiaAreYouReady?! #Philippians4:13 #9AMSunday #NOchella (because while others are partying.. You’re getting ahead..)”

Demi also took to Twitter to share some of her fitness tips. She tweeted: “Wait…So you mean to tell me eating healthy and working out works? You don’t even need diet pills! Who woulda thunk…”

The “Neon Lights” singer added: “I’m a boss at work and a I’m a b**ch in the gym….#unapologetic #bossb**ch.”

Lovato also told her fans to “never let anything stop you or let anyone tell you what you can’t do.” This singer would rather inspire her fans and follow her fitness goals rather than party it up in the hot California sun.

Demi Lovato wasn’t the only former Disney star who didn’t attend Coachella this year. Miley Cyrus hung out with horses all weekend long, according to Bustle. She also shared several photos of herself at the recording studio with music producer Mike WiLL Made It. Miley is currently hard at work on her new album. Meanwhile, Miley’s boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, was at the H&M booth at Coachella.

The “Queen of Coachella,” Vanessa Hudgens, was also not in attendance this year. The singer is currently on Broadway performing in Gigi, as previously reported on the Inquisitr. But that didn’t stop Vanessa from celebrating Coachella weekend at her New York home. She shared an Instagram video of herself watching one of the performances that included the hashtag #Nochella. Vanessa also shared another video of herself dancing and smiling in a bohemian dress. You can take the girl out of Coachella, but you can’t take the Coachella out of the girl…

Paramore singer Hayley Williams is also partaking in #Nochella. She took to her Twitter account to share her thoughts about the music festival. It sounds like she’s been listening to Demi’s hit single “Really Don’t Care.”


Hayley was also spotted on a Los Angeles set for Taylor Swift’s new music video for her rumored single, “Bad Blood.”

Demi Lovato and co. aren’t the only ones boycotting Coachella this year. Those who don’t like camping or hanging out with intoxicated or high people will also be skipping this year’s festival. E! News said that readers can celebrate Nochella by binge watching their favorite TV shows, hanging out where it’s cool, sleeping in bed, playing video games, eating their favorite foods, and just avoiding the crowds.

Contributor Michael Marotta on Vanyaland is also celebrating Nochella since the actual music festival fails to represent New England artists and bands. It sounds like Lovato was onto something with this #Nochella trend. Are you partaking in Coachella or Nochella this year?

[Image: Gerson Nunes/Focka via Flickr]