Elizabeth Olsen: ‘Avengers’ Star Doesn’t Use Social Media — Here’s Why

Elizabeth Olsen is one Avenger you won’t find on social media, unlike her famous older sisters. Mary-Kate has a Twitter account, and Ashley shares one with her, following decades of sharing the spotlight.

Most likely due to the public backlash, sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley have left the spotlight to focus on fashion, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. After a long history of horrible films and almost insultingly bad video games, it’s hard to blame them. It will probably be decades more before we finally let go of their dual role as Michelle Tanner in the mega-popular sitcom Full House, if ever.

Elizabeth Olsen has taken a more discrete approach to fame, having made her major spotlight debut alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the last Godzilla movie. Making her comeback alongside him again in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, it looks like the Olsen sibling is succeeding in making her way without anything embarrassing to her name.

Even Elizabeth’s absence on social media is a testament to her focus on being taken seriously. In a recent interview in Fashion’s May 2015 issue, she explained why she has no plans to join the internet for social reasons.

“I don’t [use] social media, and I feel like that’s how people control their image. My image, in my mind, is just to disappear. I just want people to see the work that I’m proud of. I feel like you let people touch you when you have Instagram or Twitter, and I don’t want to be touched all the time. I’m not going to do it – ever.”

Having likely learned from her older sisters’ mistakes, Elizabeth Olsen appears to be doing it right.

Other Avengers co-stars aren’t as private, of course. Mark Ruffalo has actually gotten in minor trouble for tweeting images from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, while Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. are a little less outgoing with their lives. Scarlett Johanssen has avoided the social media life as well, according to Celebrity Cafe.

Olsen only wants us to see her for what she’s proud of, meaning she won’t be taking any topless selfies or calling people ugly like some other celebrities we’ve encountered. Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes have a history of destroying their image through their shameless shenanigans, and Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sister is avoiding that.

What do you think of Elizabeth Olsen’s stance on social media?

[Image via Charley Gallay / Getty Images]