‘The Little Couple’ Return Date: Has TLC Released A Premiere Date For The New Season?

Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey of The Little Couple have been laying low since the most recent season of their show wrapped on TLC. Fans are getting quite anxious for new episodes, and Arnold took to her Twitter page recently to share a bit of an update with fans. Did she have a return date to share?

The most recent season aired its last episode in early January and so far, TLC has not announced when the show would be back. Arnold had previously said that there would be more on the way, a relief for worried fans. A recent tweet from the Little Couple star confirmed that more is coming. However, Jen still doesn’t know a specific date.

Jen wrote, “Hi friends, we don’t know the start date yet of our show, but we will be back soon! Thanks for watching #littlecouple @TLD @ReallyBillKlein.”

As Little Couple fans know, Bill Klein had back surgery at the end of this most recent season, and he had a long recovery ahead of him. The last that Jen and Bill shared, he was doing pretty well, but there was still more physical therapy and healing to be done.

Past seasons of the show are now available on Hulu Plus, and some fans have noticed that the site says new episodes of the show return in May. However, no specific date has been noted, and it’s not clear if that’s a firm plan that TLC has at this point.

The most recent season went by way too quickly for fans who love Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey. However, viewers are always supportive of their Little Couple family and understand the need for a bit of time away from the cameras. While everybody is anxious to catch up with the family again, for now, they are holding on tight to the fact that both Jen and Bill seem healthy, and Will and Zoey look adorable in social media posts Jen shares.

Many TLC fans are keeping busy with the 19 Kids and Counting crew, given the big news that Jill Duggar just welcomed baby Israel David with husband Derick Dillard recently. The network also did a short run of a new show called Our Little Family featuring another family bearing some similarities to Jen and Bill’s crew. While that show has wrapped, at least for now, another somewhat similar show called Meet the Johnstons is now running.

While TLC is keeping the schedule filled with new episodes of other shows, nothing satisfies fans of Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey quite like new episodes of The Little Couple. For now, viewers will just have to stay tuned for definitive news regarding when the new season will begin and hope that the wait doesn’t go on for too much longer.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]