Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Veto Twist Revealed And The HOH Makes A Decision

Fans of the Big Brother franchise know the U.S. and Canadian versions of the game are very similar. This season on Big Brother Canada, however, show runners have put some twists in the plot to keep viewers and contestants engaged. This week’s veto twist will have a big impact on how the nominations play out. Big Brother Network has spoilers that reveal how the veto will work, who won, and who will end up on the block.

This week, viewers have been voting on one of two veto twists: either the “forced to use” veto or the “double” veto. In the first scenario, the veto holder must use it and take someone off the block. In the second scenario, the veto holder has the option to remove both nominees. Big Brother Network revealed Sunday that HOH Bruno Ielo also won the veto. The twist chosen by fans of Big Brother Canada was option 2, the “double” veto.

So, did Bruno choose to save both of his own nominees and replace them with two more? Big Brother Network revealed that Ielo choose to keep the nominations the same, noting that the twist was “dead in the water” as soon as he grabbed the Power of Veto. Creating bad blood by nominating another two people, for a total of four in the same week, would have been very risky game play. Bruno had just lost his closest ally when Greig was evicted last week.

There’s another twist that is due to play out this week, however. Every evicted house guest so far has been informed by host Arisa Cox that they may have a chance to get back into the house. Cox revealed that this will play out in the form of a massive challenge between the first five evicted houseguests — Risha, Sindy, Naeha, Graig, and this week’s evictee. That will be either Johnny or Sarah who are the final nominees this week.

The evicted house guest challenge was even teased by show runners on the Big Brother Canada 3 Twitter feed in a broad invite for live audience members.

Big Brother Canada airs Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights on Global. You can also check out the companion programs, the Big Brother Canada Sideshow and Big Brother Canada After Dark.