Burger King Milkshake Fight: Employee Fired, But Did The Video Tell The Whole Story?

The faces of a Lake Charles, Louisiana, Burger King employee and customer went viral earlier this week for a video in which one subpar milkshake did not receive the due attention that a dissatisfied customer had anticipated. When the customer started recording with her camera, the incident grew steadily more heated.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, the customer asked to speak with the manager four times before the Burger King employee grew annoyed. Having received a milkshake that she calls “garbage” in the video, she sought a refund. Finally, the Burger King employee came out from behind the counter and threatened to slap her. Now, that employee has been terminated, says Burger King, but not everyone agrees that this short video is enough to justify her termination.

You can watch the video below to see how the confrontation carries out for yourself.

Burger King employee: “Baby, you’re about to get it. Just wait. You’re gonna get your s**t.”

Customer: “You’re cursing. Are you serious? Are you serious? You cannot treat people like this, this is your job. Are you for real?”

Employee: “No, I’m fake.”

Customer: “I don’t know what happened to you today. You handed me soft serve ice cream and then gave me some garbage and I’m not going to eat it. And you’re rude.”

Employee: “I don’t give a f**k, go ahead. B***h, I …”

Even though the Burger King employee threatening a customer with a slap does make the video look pretty damning for her, we don’t see anything that happens before the irritated employee starts filming — not exactly a complete picture of the incident. Even with the video evidence in mind, not everyone agrees with the decision to fire the employee in question. Metro UK said that it did not think that the punishment fit the crime in the this case.

“Now we understand that the employee was incredibly rude, but we still think terminating her was a disproportionate reaction.”

Giving the Burger King employee another chance, however, didn’t seem to be too popular across social media. Several users tweeted that the employee definitely needed be fired, while some joked that this why they aren’t Burger King customers.

Do you think the milkshake fight at Burger King justified the employee’s termination?

[Images via YouTube and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]