Bai Ling: Actress Wears Dragon Costume To MTV Movie Awards, Calls It Her ‘Boyfriend’

Actress Bai Ling wore a dragon costume to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, and if that wasn’t weird enough to begin with, her description added a new level of strange.

Ling showed up wearing a black sequin mini-skirt and platform heels, along with a 3-D dragon extending from the back of her outfit. In interviews the actress called the dragon outfit her “boyfriend.”

The actress’s dragon outfit was the talk of the MTV Movie Awards, creating a stir on social media. Many didn’t know what to make of Bai Ling’s fashion statement.

Others noted her resemblance to another actress with a strange sense of style.

Bjork’s swan outfit was widely ridiculed at the time, but the Icelandic singer got the last laugh. Her outlandish outfit ended up in the iconic Museum of Modern Art as part of a retrospective honoring her body of work.

“It’s great that we can celebrate it and talk about it still, after 15 years,” says Marjan Pejoski, the designer behind the feathered creation. “That [the dress] made it into MoMA … it’s just a spectacular and amazing thing that it came back full circle.”

But Bjork doesn’t get all the credit. As the New York Post pointed out, the outfit had originally debuted on designer Pejoski’s fall/winter 2001 runway.”The whole narrative that season was inspired by the motion of a merry-go-round, with all these different animals. The swan was a part of that,” the designer said. “Björk loved it.”

“The whole dress was like a sculpture, done three-dimensionally in a mixture of so many different fabrics, from suede leather to woolen felt, goose feathers, swan feathers — lots of down,” Pejoski added.

There is no word where actress Bai Ling found the inspiration for the dragon costume she wore to the MTV Movie Awards, but it’s not unusual of her to wear such a provocative outfit. In 2014, she wore a dress with butterfly arms to the Chinese American Film Festival, and she’s often seen wearing barely there skirts and outfits to appearances.

[Image via Getty Images/ Michael Buckner]