'Destiny: House Of Wolves' Release Date Revealed Along With Prologue Trailer

Destiny players starving for new content to play through finally have a date to look forward to. Bungie announced Monday when the House of Wolves expansion will be released to PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The House of Wolves will land on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Tuesday, May 19. Bungie released the first trailer for the expansion along with the release date announcement that sets the plot for the conflict that players will experience.

Those that have been through Destiny's campaign know that some of the Fallen serve under the Queen of the Reef. Some among the Fallen have rebelled and now the Queen seeks player's help to bring the traitors down. Sounds like a nice setup for the return of the Queen's Wrath special event.

There's already been a wealth of material leaked concerning House of Wolves. The Reef will not only host an all new Raid, but will also offer up a new Tower-like social space for players to gather and interact with vendors as well as other NPCs. An earlier leak that nailed the release date confirmed that House of Wolves will contain three new Crucible maps, two Strikes (one a PlayStation timed exclusive), and a new Raid. Players should also expect new Light Levels of 33 for vendor gear and 34 for Raid and Exotic gear.

The real question is how Bungie will handle getting Destiny players up to the new max level in the game. The Dark Below expansion came under fire because of the ease at which players were able to obtain Legendary armor from vendors that quickly surpassed the Vault of Glass Raid Gear. The new Exotic economy that required players to reset progress to upgrade Exotic armor and weapons was also highly criticized. Bungie has said that these mistakes will not be repeated. That said, the developer isn't ready to reveal that and other details quite yet.

Destiny update 1.1.2 will arrive prior to the release of House of Wolves sometime in April. Bungie has been busy revealing portions of what it will contain over the last couple of weeks. More Vault space is coming along with fixes to Raids and Strikes plus changes to ammo drops during Crucible PVP matches and better accessibility options for those with colorblindness.

[Images via Bungie]