Scott Eastwood Regrets Airing Ashton Kutcher’s Dirty Laundry; Dad Clint Helped Him See The Error Of His Ways

Scott Eastwood is feeling bad about making his shocking revelation on national television that Ashton Kutcher slept with his girlfriend back in 2011. After his appearance last week on Watch What Happens Live, his dad, Clint Eastwood, allegedly told him he should not have brought it up.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Scott’s making the shocking revelation on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live about Ashton Kutcher sleeping with his girlfriend at the time, Sara Leal, was an honest mistake. Leal is the woman Ashton Kutcher allegedly cheated on Demi Moore with on the night of the couple’s sixth wedding anniversary in 2011. When Scott Eastwood spoke with Andy Cohen last Thursday night, he said he believed Ashton sleeping with Sara was the “catalyst” that caused Kutcher and Demi Moore to divorce, as the Inquisitr earlier reported.

“If it makes you feel any better, he did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends — but she was my girlfriend at the time. I think it was the catalyst that broke him (Kutcher) and Demi up.”

The source says Eastwood made such a statement on national TV because The Longest Ride star is new to the limelight and does not yet know how to handle himself publicly; however, Scott is now remorseful over bringing up the scandal.

“Scott realizes now he shouldn’t have said that his girlfriend slept with Ashton. It was an unprofessional move on his part, and he’s new to the spotlight so he’s still learning how to carry himself during TV interviews.”

According to the source, it was only after Scott’s dad, Clint Eastwood, pointed out his son’s faux pas that Scott saw the error of his ways and regretted what he said.

“It was Scott’s father Clint that told him off, saying it was all a little unnecessary to be bringing up now. It wasn’t OK to throw Ashton under the bus like that, and he regrets it. He’s not reached out to Ashton yet to apologize, but if he does see him he’ll apologize.”

Although Ashton Kutcher, nor Demi Moore, have ever admitted that it was an affair that ended the couple’s marriage, Moore filed for divorce in December of 2011, just three months after Kutcher allegedly hooked up with Sara Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, according to the Daily Mail.

Scott Eastwood stars in The Longest Ride, which premiered Friday in U.S. theaters.

[Image by David Becker/Getty Images]