‘GTA 5’ Rockstar Editor Will Bring A New Dimension Of Creative Fun For PC Gamers

The GTA 5 Rockstar Editor will give PC gamers a little something extra to keep them busy long after they’ve finished the game. When was the last time a video game let you make movies with its characters?

Very likely to create some viral hits on YouTube, the Grand Theft Auto 5 Rockstar Editor gives potential filmmakers the chance to let their dreams shine… as long as those dreams can exist within the GTA universe.

Rockstar has spared no expense in giving gamers on every console the most they can offer, including the GTA Online extension, which allows you to create your own adventures with your friends. Of course, you can also just hang out and chat about the latest sports or who won the MTV music awards. It’s up to you, as long as you don’t hack the game or use mods.

Rockstar Games doesn’t like it when you use mods in Grand Theft Auto.

One thing you might not be able to do with the GTA 5 Rockstar Editor is take in-game music and make your own music video around it. Copyright problems might happen then.

Much like what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already do, PC gamers will be able to record clips of gameplay. After this, you can then hop in and become a digital Ed Wood or Martin Scorcese, depending on your ambitions. Unlike what consoles let you do, you can use the Director Mode, which gives you “hundreds” of elements such as objects, types of weather, pedestrians, and animals as a three-dimensional paint brush. Once your clips are finished and connected, and the movie is complete, you can also use text and filters to add your own extra touch.

With the GTA 5 PC version already boasting a 60fps interface, we can expect everything from brilliant to hilarious movies in crisp 1080p high definition. What you do with the GTA 5 Rockstar Editor is up to you, as long as you aren’t infringing on a copyright.

Sorry, Xbox and PlayStation gamers, there has been no mention of a Rockstar Editor for consoles.

[Image via YouTube]