Death At Disney World Attraction: Lamborghini Accident Kills 36-Year-Old Disney Cast Member

A death at a Disney World attraction involving a Lamborghini is making headlines today. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Gary Terry, 36, was riding in the car at the Exotic Driving Experience in Orlando with Tavon Watson, 24, who had been driving. Not long into the ride, Watson lost control of the vehicle, and hit a guardrail.

An investigation is still underway, and no criminal charges have been filed at this time.

The Richard Perry Driving Experience gives guests a chance to drive an exotic car on a racetrack. Customers pay to get behind the wheel in what many describe as a once in a lifetime experience. An instructor rides in a the passenger's seat to ensure that things go smoothly, but they can't always control what happens to the vehicle, especially when it's traveling at a high speed.

The death that occurred at the Disney World attraction was devastating to family and friends, but also to those who work at Disney World. According to CNN, the company released a statement after learning of the accident.

"On behalf of everyone in the organization, it is with a very heavy heart that we extend our deepest sympathies to those involved in today's tragic accident in Orlando."
Hundreds of people have reacted on social media.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Disney recently announced that the Richard Petty Driving Experience will be closing on June 28. The area will be used as part of the company's transportation system. It has been reported that the driving experience will move to a different location, but that it will no longer be a Disney entity. What started off as a NASCAR experience turned into an exotic car experience, and was pretty successful despite the pretty steep prices to get behind the wheel.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]