Perspctv Tries To Level The Election Playing Field

A new Web startup is attempting to offer a balanced approach to election-based news.

Perspctv compiles mainstream media coverage along with blog reports and even Twitter mentions of John McCain and Barack Obama, letting you get more than just the typical voices. The front page of the site offers a quick glimpse at how often each candidate is currently mentioned in all the different media forms. Below, you can view the latest tweets, blogs posts, and news articles about either side.

The service has some other interesting features, such as a graphed timeline of candidates’ mentions in each medium over the months. Its creator says the aggregation is automatically updated continuously — thereby, in theory, avoiding any human-based bias in content selection. True to the claim, the site had tweets within the past minutes when we checked it out, as well as blogs and news articles within the past hour.

What it lacks in vowels, Perspctv makes up for in innovation. This could be an interesting tool for the Web-savvy crowd this election year — if, that is, people can remember how to spell its name.