Is Teresa Giudice Sending Joe Gorga Mean Letters From Prison?

Teresa Giudice is reportedly maintaining contact with her brother, Joe Gorga, from prison. Unfortunately, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s letters to her brother and co-star reportedly aren’t friendly.

“Joe wrote first to Teresa because he was worried about the show,” a source told Radar Online on April 13. “He was thinking that they might not tape another season without Teresa.”

After deeming her brother to be more concerned with The Real Housewives of New Jersey than with her, Teresa Giudice was immediately set off, and began writing Gorga letters, explaining how angry she is with him. According to the report, Teresa Giudice has written about half a dozen letters.

In addition to her present frustrations, Teresa Giudice is said to also be upset with Gorga, as well as his wife, Melissa, for joining the show in the first place. Although the Gorgas may not have joined the series to get under Teresa Giudice’s skin, she feels betrayed by the way they signed their deals with Bravo.

In the past, Teresa Giudice has claimed the Gorgas joined the show behind her back, while they should have made sure it was okay with her before they did so.

“The fact that Melissa and Joe and brought Kathy Wakile onto the show the day before filming still infuriates [Teresa Giudice] as well. She feels like they all came on the show with the plan of taking her down.”

Radar Online continued to report that Teresa Giudice told her brother, Gorga, she resents him for trashing her publicly, and discussing her legal drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. His “garbage” insult during season five stood out to her the most, according to the report, and now, Teresa Giudice is reportedly done with the Gorgas.

“Teresa says she’s doesn’t want a relationship with them. They all don’t like each other. They really can’t stand each other.”

Although Teresa Giudice may be done with her and Gorga’s relationship, he has reportedly continued to stay in touch with Teresa Giudice in order to “stay relevant.” However, the source claims Teresa Giudice sees what her brother is allegedly doing, and won’t let herself be used.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bravo is reportedly hoping Teresa Giudice will return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for season seven after she is released from prison. Last week, a source told Us Weekly the network “wants her back.”

Teresa Giudice will be released from custody in early 2016.

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