Jodi Arias Sentenced To Life Without Parole

Jodi Arias was sentenced today for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander. The murderess appeared in Arizona court today to face sentencing by Judge Sherry Stephens. Judge Stephens sentenced Arias to life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Arias was found guilty of the vicious and horrific murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in his Mesa, Arizona condominium in 2008. Arias stabbed her former boyfriend 30 times, shot him in the head, and slashed his throat from ear-to-ear.

In previous trials, the defense claimed Jodi Arias was a victim of exploitation from Travis Alexander, in addition to being victim to his alleged manipulative ways. For example, Dr. Robert Geffner testified that Travis attempted to coerce a number of women to sleep with him, telling them he was a 30-year-old virgin. He allegedly used the same approach with Jodi.

In addition to the testimony that scrutinized Travis Alexander’s alleged relationships with women, defense attorneys stated police officers and investigators mishandled crucial evidence and gave false testimony in the murder case.

The defense also cited law enforcement personnel deleted trace evidence of pornographic websites from Travis’s laptop. Additionally, the defense contends several mitigation witnesses chose not to testify because they couldn’t witness secretly.

The two earlier trials resulted in a hung jury when it came down to sentencing Arias to death.

Today, seven years after the cold-blooded murder of Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias’ sentencing was finally rendered. Judge Sherry Stephens sealed Jodi Arias’ fate. Arias will spend the rest of her life in jail with no chance of early release.

Judge Stephens also scheduled a restitution hearing for June 1.

The convicted murderess will live in a 12-foot-by-seven-foot concrete cell, with a toilet, sink, bed, and mattress. She will not be allowed any contact with other inmates, but will be allowed to make two 10-minute phone calls, three times a week.

In today’s hearing, prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez said a life sentence without a chance of release is, “a small level of solace.” He added, the crime against Travis Alexander was a “butchering.”

According to Martinez, Jodi Arias not only savagely stabbed and killed Travis Alexander seven years ago; he said Arias continues to stab Travis’ character. On one hand, calling Travis a pedifile; and on the other hand saying he was inspirational–the greatest man she ever met.

Jodi Arias addressed the court by starting out by attacking Alexander’s family.

“I did not drag Travis through the mud. Death is not the solution. When I testified, it was not made up. I told the truth.”

Arias went on the offensive adding.

“I do remember the moment when I cut Travis’s throat, it was him who was trying to attack me.”

Finally, Arias finally admitted the following.

“The most important thing I want to say is I’m sorry. I’m truly disgusted with what I did.”

Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott said.

“Jodi Arias is not a monster. For two minutes in her life she did something reprehensible…for two minute.”

Judge Stephens’ said.

“The crime was especially cruel. The crime involved substantial planning. The defendant has mental health issues and expressed remorse.”

The tragic murder of Travis Alexander has been a horrific nightmare for his surviving family. When Travis’ sister addressed the court today, she went as far as to say she doesn’t even want to remember her brother, revealing it’s too painful to remember him.

Judge Sherry Stephens’ sentencing decision was partially based on whether Jodi Arias could ever be rehabilitated. The judge’s decision included the absolute necessity to deter Jodi Arias from ever being able to kill again, as well as a means to punish her for her unspeakable and heinous crimes.

The judge joins many people who believe the most hated women in America cannot be redeemed or reformed. The devastated family of Travis Alexander would rather have had Jodi Arias put to death.

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