Beijing Supercar Crash: ‘Fast And The Furious’ Wannabe Destroys $650,000 Lamborghini

A Beijing supercar crash has left hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vehicles destroyed and two ultra-wealthy drivers in jail after police say they were drag racing through city streets.

In a scene straight from The Fast and the Furious, the two drivers are accused of racing through a tunnel in the Chinese city at more than 100 miles per hour. The drivers – a 20-year-old named Yu driving a Ferrari and a 21-year-old named Tang driving a Lamborghini – came into contact as they sped through the tunnel, sending one of the cars crashing into a wall.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua said the Beijing supercar crash left one of the drivers injured and heavily damaged both cars. The damage to the Lamborghini alone was estimated at $650,000.

SCMP shared details of the crash.

“The two cars collided as they jostled for position then spun out of control in the Datun Road Tunnel in Chaoyang district, near the National Stadium. The Lamborghini, which had been trying to overtake, veered to the side, ran over a guardrail and hit the tunnel wall, tearing down chunks of panelling, China News Service reported. One person in the Lamborghini was slightly injured in the crash, which occurred at around 10pm on Saturday. Witnesses said the two drivers belonged to the same car club.”

The two-way tunnel in Beijing is reportedly a popular place for drag racers. Locals have complained to police about drivers gathering to race, but police have had a difficult time catching them in the act. Drivers are known to scatter when police arrive to investigate, but return later once officers have left the scene.

The drivers themselves – often behind the wheel of cars costing millions of dollars – have also earned scorn from locals. Many are children of China’s wealthy elite, a group that some believe see themselves as outside the law.

The Beijing supercar crash may have had some outside influences. The race took place just two hours before the latest Fast and Furious movie hit theaters in Beijing, and also took place the same weekend as the Formula 1 race in Beijing, the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Beijing supercar crash that took place this weekend was part of a string of races in the same place the wreck took place. Reports claimed that more than 10 motorcycles and sports cars were found racing in the tunnel.

[Image via The National]