Kanye West Does Not Walk On Water: It’s Official [Video]

There is little doubt that rapper Kanye West is a controversial and divisive figure. West has won no fewer than 21 Grammy awards and with over 30 million digital sales in the U.S, West is one of the best-selling digital artists of all time. Kanye West has six No. 1 albums under his belt. West has even proclaimed that his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is “the best album of all time.”

Controversy surrounds West. He has disrupted award shows, including this years Grammy’s and 2009’s MTV Awards, when he disagrees with judges choices. West has been accused of being anti-semitic and in recent months over 140,000 people signed a petition asking that Kanye West be removed from his Saturday night headline slot at this years Glastonbury festival.

Glastonbury Festival curator Emily Eavis even took the unprecedented step of writing a piece in the Guardian defending the choice of Kanye West as a headliner.

“I’ve seen people this week saying that Kanye shouldn’t appear because, in their opinion, he’s not a positive role model or because they think he’s too self-assured. Wouldn’t you have a bit of a spring in your step if you’d won 21 Grammys?”

Kanye West is accused by many of of being egotistic, but events this past weekend in Armenia prove beyond doubt that Kanye West cannot walk on water. According to the Independent, West was giving a free concert in Yereven, Armenia when he shouted to fans that he was about to do something different.

“Over there, can y’all see me over there? We’re going to do something different right now, like, like, like we always do it this time!”

According to the BBC, West then jumped into a shallow lake whilst singing “Good Life” and was mobbed by both fans and photographers. Security guards then had to wade into the lake to help West back to dry land.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Wests stunt backfired badly. West was led from the lake by security staff and as a result of the mass confusion that followed his stunt police decided to cancel the gig altogether. Within 15 minutes of the lake dive, it was game over and disappointed fans had only heard six songs over a period of 45 minutes.

Kanye West is currently in Armenia with his wife Kim Kardashian who took to Twitter to say that it was a “crazy night.”

Thankfully, there are no reports of any injuries as a result of Kanye Wests latest exploits, and it seems that at least one enterprising fan has spotted an opportunity to make a little cash selling “Kanye West Lake Water.”

[Photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images]