Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin Show Off New Tattoos: Fans React To Javi’s Tattoo Of Isaac

Kailyn Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin, love tattoos. In fact, this Teen Mom 2 couple may take the prize for most tattoos on a TM couple. Their pieces often reflect something meaningful to them and, this weekend at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention, the two must have felt the itch to get more tattoos as they both showed off brand new artwork over the weekend.

The couple got tattooed at the convention and Javi shared a photo of the couple getting their tattoos done at the same time. It is unknown how long the tattoos took, but Javi mentioned that he had been getting the work done for eight hours and still had more time to go. When the tattoo was complete, Javi revealed it to the world via social networking and also exclaimed that his piece had won “tattoo of the day.”

— Javi Marroquin (@JaviM9) April 12, 2015

Javi Marroquin’s tattoo is a large piece which is positioned on his left arm. It is a portrait piece which includes both his biological son, Lincoln, and his stepson, Isaac. Above the boys photos is the Philadelphia skyline.

Anyone who has watched Teen Mom 2 knows that Javi Marroquin has a close relationship with Kailyn Lowry’s son, Isaac. However, fans were mixed on how they felt about Javi getting a tattoo of Isaac’s face on his arm. On one hand, some fans felt that it was very sweet of Javi to include Isaac in the tattoo. After all, Javi has been a part of his life for many years and the two have a close bond. However, there were some fans who felt that the tattoo was “disrespectful” to Jo Rivera, Isaac’s dad, who still plays a very active role in his son’s life. Some wondered why Javi didn’t choose to honor Isaac in another way, perhaps with a tattoo of his name or of something that was more symbolic.

Javi didn’t give an explanation for his tattoo and Kailyn Lowry hasn’t spoken out about it, either. Both seem happy with the end result and with the meaning behind the tattoo.

Kailyn Lowry’s tattoo, on the other hand, was less controversial among fans. She showed off her right shoulder piece on Instagram over the weekend and received a lot of compliments. Kail’s tattoo is of a hummingbird with a flower and it is simply exquisite.

Prior to showing off the tattoos, Kailyn revealed on Twitter that she and Javi would be at the convention. She retweeted many photos of herself with fans that stopped by the booth to see the Teen Mom 2 couple. The tattoos were done by separate artists from Inkfatuation, a studio based out of California. Not only does the work that they did for the reality show stars look amazing, but so does the other work that they have done.

Both Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are currently filming for Teen Mom 2. The sixth season has not yet received an air date, but it rumored to be “breaking the fourth wall” like Teen Mom OG has done for its currently airing fifth season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kailyn and Javi are not having marriage troubles and she recently spoke out about having male friends while being married. Their marriage will likely be a big part of their upcoming storyline.

[Images: via Instagram]