Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Future Career: ‘I Look Forward To Adding A Doctorate To My Other Degrees’

Say what you will about Farrah Abraham, but there is no doubt she is a hard worker. In fact, the reality show star has used her reality television fame as a stepping stone to help launch other careers. Aside from appearing on various television shows, she is also a business woman who has plans to open up her own restaurant as well as an adult entertainer who has made one film and a line of her own adult toys. Next, though, the Teen Mom OG star plans to add plastic surgeon to her resume and she is taking the next step this summer with an apprenticeship in Miami, Florida.

Gossip Cop exclusively reported the news that Farrah Abraham would be studying alongside Dr. Sergio Alvarez this summer. The site spoke to him to get his perspective on Farrah jumping on board.

“When Farrah comes to shadow me I think we can really address her passion and give her a chance to see first hand the changes our patients go through. Seeing surgery up and close will definitely be an eye opener!”

Farrah Abraham notes that she has “experience” with plastic surgery and that isn’t a lie. She has been open about her many procedures, not all of which have been successful. She famously had botched lip implants earlier this year as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Rather than go into hiding while she dealt with the healing process, she tweeted photos of the mishap and was open about the experience in an effort to help educate others.

While she has a lot of ambition, it appears that focusing on school in order to obtain her doctorate is a big goal of hers. While it won’t be easy, the Teen Mom OG star seems determined to do her best.

“Like Dr. Alvarez, I hope to study aesthetic surgery and bring more health and happiness to this world through my future top clients as Dr. Alvarez has done. I look forward to adding a doctorate to my other degrees and expanding into another field. I have a lot of passion and experience with aesthetic surgery and look forward to helping men and women all over the world.”

According to Farrah’s LinkedIn profile, she already has a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management as well as a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Auditing. She has obviously used both of these degrees to her advantage as well as to catapult her endeavors. While it will take many more years to earn her doctorate, it looks like the reality show star is determined to do so.

Farrah Abraham is currently back on MTV, appearing on an all-new season of Teen Mom, which airs Monday nights.

[Image: via Instagram]