Kendall Jenner Reportedly Gets Amber Rose Booted From Pool Party

Coachella has always been a star-studded event, and where the stars go, so does drama. Kendall Jenner can surely attest to that as she currently faces rumors about having a run-in with Amber Rose at the said music festival.

According to US Magazine’s report, the two allegedly “came close to clashing” with each other at the McDonald’s and Chevrolet Pool Party held at the Bootsy Bellows estate last Saturday.

Rose arrived first at the event with her friends and sat down at a cabana without knowing that it was already reserved for Jenner. A while later, the 19-year-old arrived at the party with best friend Hailey Baldwin and their friends. When Jenner saw Rose occupying her exclusive table, she reportedly turned around and said, “No way, this is not happening.”

Jenner then reportedly asked the party’s escort to kick Rose off the table. The escort obliged and politely asked the 31-year-old single mother to leave the reserved cabana. Rose insisted on staying, telling the escort, “Well, my drink is here!” However, the escort was so persistent with asking her to leave that Rose eventually threw in the towel and walked away. On her way out, Rose was said to have given Jenner some side-eye action.

Reports of the supposed run-in spread last Sunday, and Rose was quick to deny the story. During the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Rose told E! News that the story wasn’t true. “It’s so annoying. It just never happened,” she said. “The pull stories out of their f*****g a***s.”

Rose also added, “Me and my friends had a great time and I’m sure Kendall did too.”

E! News agreed with this statement from Rose pointing out that Jenner was spotted later that night enjoying a performance by Tyler, The Creator. During the rapper’s set, the artist ranted about the VIPs who spent a fortune on seats located near the stage. He particularly singled out Jenner, who was among the said VIPs.

“Kendall Jenner here thinking she cute and s–t,” the rapper ranted. “Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall – I’m over here to your right – f –ck you.” Jenner was cool about the rapper’s remarks onstage and even shared a fan’s video of it on her Twitter account. She shared the clip and captioned it, “Love.”

She was also seen having a great time with Justin Beiber. Flirty snaps of the singer and Jenner can be found on Bieber’s Instagram account.

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[Image via Getty images, justinbieber Instagram]