Anna Kendrick And ‘The Bellas’ Go Global In ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

An exclusive clip from Pitch Perfect 2 has recently been released, and the film is even bigger than before. This time, Anna Kendrick and her a cappella group, “The Barden Bellas,” were featured doing another Riff Off on a global scale as they face singing groups from all over the world.

The minute-long clip was shown during the 2015 MTV Movie Awards last Sunday at the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre. Old members of The Bellas, namely Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, and Brittany Show were joined by Pitch Perfect 2 newcomer Hailee Steinfeld to present the exclusive teaser of their upcoming film.

The Riff Off is a singing competition which was introduced on the first installment of Pitch Perfect. It is joined by several singing groups who basically out sing each other using songs from a randomly selected category. In the clip, the global Riff Off started off with MC David Cross calling in the contestants for the face off portion. The Bellas and a German singing group went up to the center of the floor and waited for the chosen category.

On a screen, an automated system randomly selects the final category for the night, which is “90s Hip Hop Jamz.” Noise from the crowd erupted as the two competing groups expressed their confidence to take on the chosen category. At the signal of the MC, the German group started the Riff Off with Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.” This was countered by The Bellas, who belted out a Lauryn Hill 90s hit, “That Thing.” The German team cut into the middle of their song and started singing Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison,” which was quickly responded to by The Bellas with A Tribe Called Quest’s single, “Scenario.”

The Riff Off clip elicited positive feedbacks from online critics. Us Magazine described it as “aca-awesome” and Hit Fix thought that “it sounds d**n good.”

The first Pitch Perfect movie featured Kendrick as a freshman at Barden University. She was depicted as a youngster with a spirited personality and a talent for music as an aspiring DJ. Because of an unlikely duet with a member of The Bellas at the communal shower, Kendrick opted to join the group. With The Barden Bellas, she faced several a cappella groups, including an all-male cast.

Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by Elizabeth Banks and will be released in theaters on May 15.

[Image via YouTube]