Apple Rumors: Details For The iPad Mini 4 Leaked

Was the information for the next Apple iPad Mini leaked? According to the Christian Post, Apple’s thinnest tablet will receive an upgrade in the next version, the iPad Mini 4. The device is slated for an October release, yet nothing has been confirmed. Apple users should be looking for a definitive announcement in the coming months.

When the iPad Mini 3 was released, there was a buzz in the gadget community. The thin tablet had its share of features. It passed the eye test, getting good reviews. Everything was going great for the tech giant, so it seemed.

Other companies had developed and released comparable tablets, which featured many features as well. Most of them, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab series, are boosted by Google and its array of apps. Several of the competitors also had smaller price points.

That left many websites to offer a lukewarm response when talking about the iPad Mini 3.

C-NET labelled the Apple iPad Mini 3 “a great tablet, but no longer the best deal.”

Among the praises was the display and the battery life. Its downside was the lack of design separation from the previous model. Apple’s iPad Mini 3 was also panned for its lackluster processor.

Simply put, when you purchase a tablet that is perceived as an upgrade over a previous model, the user expects everything, or just about everything to look, feel, and run differently. Apple seemed to follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach when it came to the iPad Mini 3. The original price tag was over $500. That is much more than the competing companies charged for their tablets. That did not help matters.

Did Apple hear and respond to the complaints? The newest model of the Mini series should serve as a make good on many of the concerns.

According to the Tech Times, the design will be slimmer, akin to the iPad Air 2. Also the processor will pack a powerful punch.

A 64-bit A8X processor will give the iPad Mini 4 the optimum speed that owners expect from an Apple device. Handling several tasks at a time should come easy to users. They should be able to tweet, go to Facebook, play Clash of Clans, browse the web, and play with the camera all at the time, without a glitch.

The dreaded mute / lock key has been replaced with a microphone, giving users a handy tablet. One they will enjoy until the next one comes out.

There has been nothing confirmed about the price of the iPad Mini 4. Do not be surprised if it is less than its predecessor.

Apple has to regain its place as the go-to company for its handheld tech devices. There are plenty of things in store, including the release of the latest MacBook. The developers are hoping that the iPad Mini 4 is a winner in every way. Only time will tell.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]