Dallas Cowboys Rumors: NFL Preps Preseason Schedule In Case Adrian Peterson Gets Traded

Dallas Cowboys Rumors NFL Adrian Peterson

There is no guarantee that running back Adrian Peterson will be traded away from the Minnesota Vikings. Rumors have him ending up with the Dallas Cowboys, but the world is still awaiting him to actually be reinstated by the NFL. The league isn’t stupid, though, and they’re preparing for the possible trade and they did it with the 2015 preseason schedule.

On Thursday, the NFL released the preseason schedule for the world to see, and there were a few interesting match-ups. Again, it’s the preseason, so there isn’t a whole lot to look forward to, except to see how some new guys are progressing.

The NFL is always looking to make some cash though, and they did just that in preseason week three.

It’s always week three in which the starters end up getting the most work during the preseason. During the first two weeks, they’ll play sparingly and then week three will give them two or three full quarters of work. The fourth week doesn’t see them really play at all.

Well, the people at Pro Football Talk happened to noticed that week three of the 2015 NFL preseason has a rather interesting match-up. In that week, the Minnesota Vikings will travel to face the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, there would need to be a number of things that have to happen in order for this match-up to be made really interesting.

  • Adrian Peterson would need to be reinstated by the NFL,which could happen as soon as April 15.
  • The Minnesota Vikings would have to decide if they’re willing to part with Peterson via trade.
  • Dallas would have to find a way to afford Peterson’s salary if he were to go on the trade block.
  • The Dallas Cowboys would have to make the best offer, in order to get him into a helmet with a big star on it.

If all that takes place and Adrian Peterson ends up being traded to the Dallas Cowboys as the rumors have stated for months, then that preseason game in week three will be huge.

Peterson will end up getting his most gametime action in almost a year due to being out the majority of the 2014 season. It’s not a game scheduled to be nationally televised, so anyone outside of the Minnesota and Dallas markets may not even get the chance to see it.

Then again, the NFL could come up with a new thing called “Preseason Flex-Scheduling.” Also, there’s no guarantee that the game will even be the slightest bit interesting because Adrian Peterson may not be traded to the Dallas Cowboys or even at all. Only time will tell.

[Image via Atlanta Black Star]