Rapper Crunchy Black, Arrested: ‘Gangsta Walk,’ ‘Three Six Mafia’ Rapper Arrested In Vegas For Meth Possession

Rapper Crunchy Black, aka Darnell Carlton, former member of Three Six Mafia, is under arrest in Las Vegas, Nevada. TMZ is reporting now, that the Memphis, Tennessee, rapper known for his “gangsta walk” and massive rap “skillz,” was busted after cops found him walking the streets of Vegas. He caught the attention of law enforcement authorities after he was caught “jaywalking.”

Once police made contact with Crunchy Black, they found meth on his person. He told them that he was actually trying to buy cocaine, not meth. Specifically, he told cops the following.

“Oh damn. I was trying to buy that powder, not meth.”

Crunchy Black is still being held in the county jail in Vegas under the name Darnell Carlton for the drug possession charge. Before Tuesday’s arrest, he already had at least two warrants out for him, stemming from the beating of his girlfriend in Minnesota, charges that his girlfriend now claims are untrue.

In that case, which happened back in January, his girlfriend was reportedly found in a hotel bathroom crying and yelling that her boyfriend Crunchy Black had beaten her. There was blood and visible trauma to her face. Now, she claims that she was actually beaten by someone else who had been present in the hotel room. When police booked Crunchy that night, he had ‘coke’ on him. In the end, he was arrested for domestic violence and possession of drugs.

News of his most recent arrest has fans abuzz on Facebook. Here are some of their interesting comments.

“What kind of name is crunchy black he looks more like toasted black.”

“Crunchy?? I have been a fan of 3 6 mafia for a long time n have never heard anyone say crunchy black….tell him to call Rihanna lol”

“Lmao What an idiot”

“I like Crunchy Black… he used to go in on them beatzZ.”

“Everybody quick to criticize. Like your life is perfect you people kill me”

“Atleast he’s honest…”

“Rappers getting busted for drugs? Wow. That’s surprising.”

Rapper Crunchy Black and Three Six Mafia became household names in 2006 after winning an Oscar (Academy Award) for Best Original Song in the movie Hustle & Flow. The hit song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” was heard throughout the movie, which premiered in 2005 about a Memphis pimp trying to kick start his rap “mc” career. Hustle & Flow starred Empire‘s Terrence Howard and rapper Ludacris.

The Tennessee rapper has been in Vegas for a few years since moving there in 2009. In an interview with Memphisrap, Crunchy Black stated that he moved to Vegas to be around all of the stars because he wanted to be around people who were like him.

“Vegas is cool I love the lights, cameras, action out here and Memphis is like watching the 1st 48, lol. The westside of Vegas and northside of Memphis may be a lil similar.. I wanted to be around the same kind of people as me. I’m interested in getting the attention of a major label as well as distribution for my label Hard Hittaz Money Gang. I figured if I’m gonna get shot for this s***, I must go out getting to this money.”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]