Mischa Barton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At Hollywood Event, Martin Sheen Has Priceless Reaction

Mischa Barton suffered a wardrobe malfunction at a movie screening in Hollywood this week, one that really seemed to catch the attention of actor Martin Sheen.

The actress was attending a special screening of her 2014 movie Bhoptal: A Prayer for Rain on Friday when her plunging white top seemed to plunge a little too much. Barton’s shirt opened up, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and a photographer timed it perfectly just as Sheen noticed the nip slip.

It was quite a memorable moment, as E! News noted.

“While his angle would make it practically impossible to see any fashion mess-up, his facial expression delivers the reaction we may have imagined in our heads,” the report stated. “He may just qualify for best photobomb as well.”

Mischa Barton is not the only actress to suffer a very obvious wardrobe malfunction. Last year, Kristen Stewart accidentally flashed the crowd at the Hollywood Film Awards when she went on stage to present an award to her co-star, Julianne Moore.

According to the Daily Mail, Stewart’s wardrobe malfunction occurred when the high-waisted skirt that was covering her chest slipped down, creating a nip slip not only seen on television but also an audience that included her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

Barton also isn’t alone in having her wardrobe malfunction shown to the world. Last year, actress Sofia Vergara was dancing at a post-Emmy party when her very tight dress gave way, exposing one of her breasts. Vergara didn’t seem to mind, but the embarrassing moment ended up captured in an Instagram photo that went viral.

This has also been a very busy week for Mischa Barton, the wardrobe malfunction aside. She filed documents in court this week against her mother, claiming breach of oral contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, and other causes of actions. Barton is seeking “recovery of what her own mother stole from her and to be able to proceed with her career free of the meddling that [mother] Nuala continues to engage and in damages she continues to cause.”

But aside from the wardrobe malfunction, Mischa Barton had plenty of reason to celebrate on Friday. The movie — which explores the world’s biggest industrial disaster, the 1984 gas leak in India that exposed half a million people to dangerous chemicals and left more than 2,000 dead — led to good reviews and high praise for Barton’s performance.

[Image via E! News]