Niall Horan Goes 1D Solo: Golfer Rory McIlroy Promises U.S.A. Duet

New information has emerged that Niall Horan may do a duet in the near future -- without One Direction. Everyone has been worried that One Direction will completely fall apart now that Zayn Malik has left -- and now there are reports that Niall Horan may have found someone else to team up with. But didn't true One Direction fans that closely follow Niall Horan see this coming?

As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, Niall Horan recently flew back to London after performing in Dubai on April 4. Soon after, Niall Horan flies to America to be with Irish golfer Rory McIlroy. Rory McIlroy gave Niall Horan an open invitation to join him on the green, and some reports insinuate that Niall's father may have promoted Niall and Rory getting together in America.

The reason that Niall Horan flew to America to meet Rory McIlroy was due to the fact that McIlroy was trying to set some records as a golfer. To give him some moral support, Niall Horan worked as Rory McIlroy's caddie. While Rory was golfing during the pre-Masters Par 3 Contest, Niall Horan was alleged to be on hand in case some singing was needed.

Niall Horan certainly had a good time hanging out with Rory McIlroy and took multiple pictures of them together. It's not clear if Niall Horan was a huge golfing fan before that, since some of Niall's tweets make it seem like he is using golf clubs for the first time.

After the tournament and a few days in America, Rory McIlroy continued to compete in Augusta, Georgia, for the Masters -- but, according to Reuters, lost. Despite using Niall Horan as a good luck charm, Rory McIlroy did not meet his championship golfing goals this year.

Interestingly, Rory McIlroy used falling short of his goal to create another one -- with Niall Horan.

According to Golf Channel, now that Rory McIlroy is finished golfing, he can fulfill a promise he made to Niall Horan. Allegedly, "As part of their deal, McIlroy will now have to sing on stage with one of the world's most popular bands when they play Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts on September 12... The concert falls a few days after the PGA Tour's Boston-area Deutsche Bank Championship, the second leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs."

What song will Niall Horan and Rory McIlroy do together? Niall Horan stated that Rory McIlroy said he would not do the song unless McIlroy got to choose the song.

Is there a chance that Niall Horan will leave One Direction to form a duo group with Rory McIlroy? In the video interview he did for the Golf Channel, Niall Horan said he heard that Rory McIlroy has a terrible singing voice.

Either way, thousands of lucky One Direction fans will get to see how it all turns out at Gillette Stadium (between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island) on September 12. Until then, let's hope that Rory McIlroy can exchange a few golfing lessons for a few hours with a good singing coach.

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