Stolen Dog Reunited With Owner After Spending Two Years In Cockfighting Ring

Stolen dog from cockfighting ring

How would you feel if you saw a picture of your stolen dog a few years after it went missing? Elated? Happy? Relieved? Or a mix of all these emotions? That is exactly what might have went through the mind of April Morris when she found a picture of her stolen dog posted on a Facebook page. The dog was missing for nearly two years.

When authorities confiscated a dog along with her 10 puppies following an illegal cockfighting ring bust earlier this month, they had no idea that the dog (a female Pit Bull) was stolen as a puppy. According to ABC 4, the stolen dog was found in the premises where a gang was busted for running an illegal cockfighting ring in Marlboro County. A total of 122 birds were rescued from the premises on March 31 — in an operation carried out by the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Rescuers found a pitbull and her litter of 10 puppies in very poor health.

Puppies of Nina, the stolen dog

Following the bust, the stolen dog along with her puppies were handed over to the Humane Society of Marlboro County. The Humane Society posted pictures of the dog on to their Facebook page. That picture was noticed by none other than April Morris who immediately recognized that the picture was of her stolen dog, Nina. She immediately contacted officials at the Humane Society who later confirmed that the dog was indeed April’s.

Stolen dog Nina reunited with family

Later, April described how Nina had gone missing nearly two years ago — and how she has been since the reunion.

“Nina had never been on a chain in her entire life. She was raised inside the house as our child. as she was only 1 1/2 yrs old when she disappeared i wasn’t sure if i wanted her to have 1 litter of pups or not. I didn’t want her loving personality to change. Nina did have a collar and a name tag. And was searched for the entire time she was missing as all our friends and families have helped to search as well. Nina will now be microchiped and full vet care. The pups will go to an Adoption agency with strict conditions and guidelines to ensure they live happy well cared for lives and never suffer as my poor Nina has. Nina will be spayed. I cannot thank all the rescue people enough, I cannot Praise God enough. Nina is home and acts almost as if she never left. She’s right back sleeping at the foot of our bed. Her pups beside her. If she goes outside we are right there with her.”

According to Jennifer Hyduke with the Humane Society of Marlboro County, it was a miracle that April recognized her stolen dog by just looking at a few pictures. April doesn’t seem to disagree with her.

“It seems so surreal to us. It’s such a miracle to have her back,” Morris said.

When Nina met her long lost family for the first time in years, she wagged her tail and ran straight towards them and recognized them all.

Meanwhile, all of the 27 people arrested on various cockfighting charges during the bust have bonded out of jail and are waiting for their cases to be heard in court. The Inquisitr has, in the past, reported about other such lucky reunions.

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