Naked Woman Attempts To Rob Convenience Store

A West Virginia woman caused quite a stir when she decided to attempt a convenience store robbery naked.

According to WOWK TV, police received a call at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning reporting a naked woman walking across the parking lot of the Motel 6 in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. A few minutes later, the panic alarm was activated at a One Stop convenience store next to the motel.

As it turns out, One Stop was an appropriate name, and the police were able to handle both problems at once.

When they arrived at the store, bystanders directed them to the back room, where they found 30-year-old Drema Setliff inside the store's electrical closet, completely naked and trying to cover herself with a white towel.

Witnesses told police the woman walked into the store, tried to lock the door, and attempted to rob the clerk. She allegedly grabbed the female clerk by the hair, and ordered her to open the safe.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports that a "witness known to Ms. Setliff" opened the store's door shortly thereafter and helped the clerk escape. The witnesses stayed in the store until police arrived and Setliff went into the back room, where she hid in the closet until police arrived.

According to Deputy J.L. Miller, Setliff surrendered without a fight, telling him "Take me to jail."

He did just that, where she was charged with robbery.

Witnessed told the responding officers that the naked woman was carrying a towel when she entered the store, but made no attempt to cover herself.

"But from what I understand it wasn't being used to cover her. She was just holding it," Corporal Brian Humphreys of the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department told reporters.

Police suspect drugs or alcohol may have been involved, according to the WV Gazette.

The woman was taken to South Central Regional Jail to await arraignment.

According to an update by WSAZ News, authorities attempted to arraign Setliff on Thursday, but she was crying and refused to speak with the magistrate. The magistrate told reporters that he plans to set her bond at $50,000, and would attempt to arraign her again on Friday morning.

Setleff could face ten years in prison if convicted.

One has to wonder why anyone would attempt a robbery naked, but this isn't the first time it has happened. The Inquisitr reported on an attempted bank robbery last year in which a Rockford, Illinois, man walked up to a teller at the Associated Bank, completely naked, and demanded money. The teller handed over the cash, but instead of fleeing, the naked man was went into the bank's basement. He was captured shortly after by police as he attempted to put his clothes back on.

[Image via KRMG News]