June 29, 2017
Apple MacBook Replaces MacBook Air And Gets Positive Reviews

When the new MacBook was first announced, there were some initial hangups people had with the device. Some thought it was a mistake not to carry an SD card slot. Others weren't happy with the only port: the USB-Type C port. However, now that Apple has sent the units out for official reviews and has allowed people to order the device, the MacBook Air replacement is getting good reviews. Mashable describes the device as the "future of laptops."

"Apple's newest laptop is impossibly thin, incredibly light and has a screen that's to die for. Oh yeah, it also comes in gold. Yes, there are compromises — and no, this is not the notebook for every user. But make no mistake, the new MacBook represents the new direction for laptops."
Bloomberg is also impressed with Apple's new laptop.
"It's not as flashy a release as the much-anticipated Apple Watch, but the new MacBook is a boundary-pushing notebook for Apple. It eschews most cables in favor of wireless connectivity, delivers sharp visuals, and is a testing ground for new interactive technologies. The MacBook is Apple's vision of the notebook of the future."
Bloomberg notes that the new MacBook looks slim when put next to the MacBook Air. That would be very difficult to imagine, especially since the MacBook Air is already razor thin. Macworld describes the new MacBook as a laptop without an ecosystem.
"It feels like it came from the future, and didn't bring its ecosystem with it. With its single USB-C port for both charging and peripherals, it's unlike any Mac previously made. It's the smallest, lightest Mac laptop ever, offers a Retina display, and yet it boasts all-day battery life. Using it alone will be a pleasure, but trying to plug it in to all your existing technology will be a pain."
If all this sounds great to you and you want to head over to your local Apple Store and buy one, here's a one-word suggestion: don't! According to Mac Rumors, Apple Stores don't have any in stock despite the MacBook being officially launched on Friday.
"A spot check of several Apple Stores in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom resulted in us being given the same response about Retina MacBook stock being unavailable at each location, at least on launch day. April 10 is already an eventful day for Apple, as Apple Watch pre-orders and in-store try-on appointments became available at 12:01 AM Pacific, so it is possible the MacBook is not a priority right now."
This has to be the first time Apple launched a product and did not stock it at their retail stores. At least you can go to the Apple Store, look at a display model, and fantasize that the new MacBook is yours.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]