Man Who Smokes Pipe With His Dog Told To Kick The Habit By Doctors

Addam Corré

While it's a well-known fact that dogs are a man's best friend, dog owner Padraic Sirr from Ireland has taken that old adage to a whole new level as he regularly smokes a pipe along with his King Charles Spaniel, Jasper.

While Jasper is merely out of puppyhood, being just 18-months-old, the pooch reportedly holds a pipe in his mouth, a source of humor for the good people of Galway who laugh every time they see him.

Unfortunately, however, for the pipe smoking duo, the prognosis isn't good, as doctors have told Mr. Sirr that he and Jasper need to kick the habit, and fast.

As Sirr explained to reporters, "I was a heavy smoker up until two weeks ago when the doctor told me I'd have to give it up. The dog has been copying me since he was a small pup and even though there's nothing in the pipe I give him, he loves holding it in his mouth."

To that end, Sirr explained, Jasper goes nuts when he's asked to "go find his pipe."

"He gets fierce excited when I ask him where his pipe is and will jump up to the drawer on the dresser where we keep it, as he knows well where it is. If I had time to train him I reckon he'd be on the telly as he's incredibly intelligent and understands every word that is said to him," added Sirr.

Sirr also said that he spends hours chatting with Jasper and absolutely loves him.

"I spend hours chatting to him and we have great fun together. He's certainly not like any of the dogs I've had before, that's for sure," he said.

When it came to giving Jasper the bad news about the pipe, Sirr said, "I think it was by accident Jasper ended up with the pipe as he would have been copying me in the evenings when I'd be sat in the chair puffing away. He probably won't understand why I'm not doing it anymore but I doubt that will bother him as he's never happier than when he has the pipe in his mouth."

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